Kimbo Slice and Bas Rutten

I’m lazy and don’t feel like putting together a movie, or uploading a bunch of photos or anything that is too closely related to work. I have been telling some friends that I got pictures with these 2 dudes, so I thought I’d get them up.

If you’re into MMA and have an internet connection you’ll recognize the names right away. Kimbo is that large brotha that can be found on all the video sites beating the snot out of mofos bareknuckle boxing style.

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice and Me

[Bas Rutten] is a dude that’s been in the MMA game for a long time. I actually found out I was lactose intolerant because of the sagely advice of Mr. Rutten (handed down to me through SinCLIZZA!) Bas was a real nice dude. Real nice.

Bas Rutten

Me and Bas Rutten

I got to meet these guys because I got into this MMA event and they happened to be there. The event was wicked sweet with knock outs and tap outs and even a one armed fighter. I’ll write more about everything… later. Just wanted to drop a WHAT UP!

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13 Responses to Kimbo Slice and Bas Rutten

  1. James Lick says:

    Hey, you coming up to Santa Barbara or what?

  2. MON* says:

    They say that jealousy……ah fuck it and fuck you! Haha….looks like fun.

  3. Tetsuo says:

    Wait what? A one-armed fighter?

  4. Tetsuo says:

    Also, Kimbo Slice might be one of the best names ever.

  5. Sinclair says:

    This means you are two handshakes away from becoming a porn star.

  6. MTK's Latina says:

    FUCKIN SEXY!!!! ( i meant you, not kimbo)

  7. miltownkid says:

    @Jlick – working on it
    @MONSTER – yes, mad fun. A video will eventually be made.
    @Tetsuo – Google Baxter Humby, and yes, Kimbo Slice is the best name ever.
    @Sinclair – Excellent
    @I think you mean Kimbo, I know you love the beard.

  8. Will says:

    Sup with the fat guy in the back hatin?

  9. James Lick says:

    Dude, you better work quick. I’m going back to Taiwan tomorrow night.

  10. zmoney682 says:

    watup pimp!

    im a bit tipsy right now, but that boxing dudes looked mad cool!

    soun familiar? lol

  11. Magda says:

    ha that dude is rough lookin’ 😀

  12. Pyro says:

    Kimbo Slice gives me nightmares.

  13. miltownkid says:

    Me too man, me too… I’m going to wait till I get home to make the dooch doooch dooch movies 😀

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