I’m Supposidly Leaving in 3 Days

After I post this, I’m out the door to pick up my ticket to LA which as been issued for June 1st. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to pull it all off though because my room looks like this:

A Messy room

And my brain pretty much feels the same way right now.

The plan so far is to hang out in LA with Andy Wang for a couple weeks. There I’ll train more BJJ at R1 Training Center in LA (I think.) It looks like that’s where Mr. Wang is teaching.

Me Choking Out Wang at His Going Away Party

I also want to make it over to Las Vegas to hang out at [Marc Laimon’s school]. A BJJ buddy of mine sent [one of my BJJ clips] to Mr. Laimon then Marc told BJJ buddy to tell me that I could stop by his gym anytime. Anytime just might be in a couple weeks. I better let him know I’m coming.

I will then be in Milwaukee (aka MILTOWN!!) on or before June 20th. Where I will continue training, and training and training and training (and training) until the end of August when the BJJ World Tournament will be held in LA and I will take Gold in my weight division (how can I not with all that training?)

I’ll probably also make it up to San Fran for a spell to see and old buddy of mine. If any of you reader dudes happen to be in those areas give me a shout.

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7 Responses to I’m Supposidly Leaving in 3 Days

  1. Pyro says:

    Two words: NEW YORK!

  2. miltownkid says:

    I’ll make my way out there (and train of course.)

  3. Tetsuo says:

    I hope that’s the last photo I ever see of you that has “choking” and “wang” in the same caption.

  4. MON* says:

    Leaving? For good?

  5. The Rock says:

    Have a great flight!

    Hope to catch you on the west coast somewhere. I’m in SFO till June 10th then back to YVR. Will read up to see where your travels take you!

  6. James Lick says:

    Dude, that is so not even funny. I’m trying to move out of my place in Santa Clara and move the shit I want to keep down to my dad’s pad in Santa Barbara and it looks way fucking worse then your six boxes of stuff. I had an open house today though, so I at least got rid of most of the big stuff. I’m supposed to go back the night of June 9th and I’m worried I won’t make it. I’d invite you up to Santa Barbara to hang out but I dunno if I’ll have time.

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