The Pimp Life in Taiwan

I was going to post this on, but then decided not to. Some people complain about how much Taiwan sucks on the forums over there. I wanted to write something to balance out the negativity. I’ll just put it here instead (why waste the effort eh?)

Someone some time back asked me to post about all the crazy stuff I get myself into around the island… Maybe crazy is the wrong word, perhaps interesting is a better descriptor. Anyway, the point is this friend thought I needed to post about some of the stuff I do/I’ve done because he gets/got tired of reading the negative posts about how much Taiwan sucks.

I guess [this post] (10 reasons I am finally leaving Taiwan…) sparked the flame that cooked up this thread. But I’ve been hanging out in the background for a while and there have been a few others like it over the past 2 months that added fuel to the flames.

Before I share anything I’m going to put this fact here in bold:

The reason a person doesn’t like/love Taiwan is because they are poor.

Allow me to elaborate. This poor is spiritually/emotionally poor (in my language I would say they lack mojo/pimp.) If you have the mojo, cool stuff will come to you.

Now on to a few stories. I’ll keep them short and add pictures.

Here in Taiwan I…

got to be a "professional" fighter.

played a full 18 holes of golf on this playeristic ass course.

have hosted a few video game or movie nights at the crib.

did mad gaming at game club (on and off over the years.)

practiced A LOT of BJJ. AND was actually able to spend the last 2 months ONLY practicing BJJ with a black belt from Brazil.

have been able to travel to a bunch of different spots in the region because of a good combination of free time and extra BLING.

whooped all forms of ass in competitions here in Taiwan and in the region.

had a pretty sweet birthday party.

met numerous pimps, players and hustlers.

competed in an international Taichi competition and took second place.

I could go on and on, and I hope others will add more. I know I’m not the only one living the pimp lifestyle on this rock.


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13 Responses to The Pimp Life in Taiwan

  1. miltownmom says:

    Nice summary of your years there. You failed to mention all the people who visited you while you were there–some even came more than once.

  2. dre says:

    oops… looks like you were not in that version i just posted… let me try again…

  3. zmoney682 says:

    wait, ur leaving taiwan? call me slow but i didnt know that. so ur going bak to US? thats cool, im a fan and it’ll be cool to have u in the same country as me, lol.

  4. Tetsuo says:

    I bitch a lot about Taiwan, but in the end it comes down to a handful of things:
    1) Most of what I bitch about I bitch about I bitch about because I know Taiwan’s capable of more,
    2) Sometimes bitching’s the easy way to get a laugh,
    3) Venting is good,
    4) I’m still here. If I really hated it, I’d piss off. Life’s too short to waste it doing shit you hate in a place you despise.

    And it’s the last one that some of the inveterate bitchers could do well to realize.

  5. Luvbeers says:

    You also got crazy monkeys running around the street!

    But seriously a lot of expats bitch and moan about Vienna too. Just got take the ups with the downs… you know as well as I if we lived back in the US/UK it might solve some issues that expats complain about, but there will be plenty of others to occupy our frustrations.

  6. MON* says:

    Moses, has spoken the truth.

    It’s what ya make it and most people choose the easiest route possible which could explain the amount of pubs on this island haha. This place has it’s ups and downs but it’s really a way to appreciate the great times when you’ve been kicked a bit when you’re down. The lows are underground but the highs are WooT WooT. Most people on seem to live miserable lives and tend to mask it the best way they know how. Hiding away on a pc isn’t always a good thing.

    There’s actually a ton of shit to do here. There’s also loads of good folks too. You just have to check yourself and your current status then perhaps you’ll attract the right people.

    I’m outro….

  7. miltownkid says:

    Someone was telling me about that crazy monkey the other day. Thanks for the vid link. Crazy Monkeys = the fresh.

  8. Pyro says:


    What’s going on in that birthday pic. That woman…is giving you…never mind.

    Well, sad to hear you’re leaving Taiwan, but does this mean you’re coming back to the good old US and A?

  9. randy says:

    though i have met you and find you to be an okay guy, i have to call you on the “not pimp so good things don’t happen to you” philosophy.

    sometimes evil shit happens to good people. sometimes it happens repeatedly. and it has nothing to do with their pimpiness or unpimpyness.

    tell that philosophy to people in rwanda or someother hell hole that good things don’t happen to them because they don’t pimp enough.

    • miltownkid says:

      Why do people like going straight to Rwanda? Guess what? It’s true for them too. The thing is what they see as “pimp” and “not pimp” is going to be a world of different from you. That’s comparing apples and oranges.

      I get your point, but the worlds people live in are relative.

  10. wwu777 says:

    Why are all the people in your pics foreigners? Why go to TW just to hang out with foreigners? That’s dumb. Your points have no meaning. There is nothing that TW has that any other place doesn’t. There is no social energy in Taiwan at all. ZERO.

    All there is to do is work, work, work.

    Where are all the friendly easy girls in TW that everyone talks about? I don’t see them. It’s like looking for Bigfoot. Is everyone lying? Is this the twilight zone? The truman show? Is God playing a cruel trick?

    The dating scene in TW SUCKS totally. I can’t imagine how it would be good for anybody. Some of my cousins in Taiwan took 30 years just to find one girlfriend! I can’t meet anyone either. Everyone is so antisocial, closed and doesn’t talk to you if they don’t know you.

    How do you meet anyone in Taiwan? People don’t talk to strangers unless they are elderly. And the girls are very antisocial, closed and stone cold and don’t talk to anyone they don’t know. If you try, then you’re a criminal to them. An outgoing person is totally suffocated here. I am very outgoing but it’s hard to be myself when everyone around you is super shy. I feel so out of place. What is the solution? No one has given any.

    Where are the friendly easy girls that guys keep talking about? I’d give a hundred dollars to anyone who can show them to me. But no one will.

    See my deep intellectual observations about Taiwan that are taboo to talk about:

    Are Taiwanese girls approachable like in the rest of the world? Join the debate here:

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