Me and My Namesake

My mom said it was destiny that brought me and the blue hat together. I guess it could be true. Perhaps I’m somehow channeling the Cow Boy powers of my namesake through the hat.

His name was Kenneth Calvin, but everyone called him KC. My name is Casey and everyone calls me KC too!

KC and Casey

My Cleaning Hat

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4 Responses to Me and My Namesake

  1. Tetsuo says:

    The combination of cowboy, pimp, and ninja would just about be enough to cause the university to implode on itself.

  2. miltownmom says:

    Glad you saw the connection.

  3. James Lick says:

    Dude, everyone calls you miltownkid, not KC.

  4. zmoney682 says:

    yo miltownkid or KC, its nice too see your a mac guy too, and i liked how you put it right next to the 360 (because its microsoft) i want too add you to my frends list on live, but u said you want too know about people before you add them, so ill send you a link to my myspace or sum chit

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