Meet miltownkid – My Latest Youtube Video

Lately I’ve been getting quite a lot of commentary on my “Death of My Xbox 360” video, along with a few emails/messages saying “Make more videos!”

I’ve been real busy training last month (and will be this month) and… don’t seem to be “inspired” to go out and record some random shit for “no reason.” I’m hoping this video will generate some reason for me to go out and record some random shit. This video is rather long, but it seems pretty OK to me. I actually watched it a few times… I’m not quite sure why I like it. Anyhoo, here it be:

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8 Responses to Meet miltownkid – My Latest Youtube Video

  1. Bob says:

    You dropped your bread …. That was my favorite part.

  2. miltownkid says:

    That’s not bread, it’s a frozen burger patty (for the record.)

  3. miltownmom says:

    You have at least one viewer that made it to the end…and you know what she has to say about the language–can’t you find more words to fill in the empty spaces besides fuckin’? Oh, and the hat is very appropriate because your namesake was a real cowboy in Montana.

  4. Tetsuo says:

    Short attention span is shoooooooooooooooooooort. To be continued….

    Also the ‘long tail’ is instead of selling a lot of shit in a short time, you make it easier for people to buy it whenever and you sell smaller quantities over a longer time period, so instead of going boom! bestseller and then vanishing, you just keep chugging along making money and shit but not getting all huge. Or at least not burning right out after getting all huge.

  5. Jenny Chen says:

    I envy you have a such a good mom to teach you all of those things.

  6. Chris Wells says:

    Hey you crazy fuckin’ lisping mutha fucka (I also am a big fan of the f-bomb). Would like to request more taiwanese lesbo freakin’ interactive TV… I know what you mean with those XBL friends… damn little window that pops up should just say “Some dude you played with once 6 months ago, would you like to remove? Yes / No”.

    Spring update tomorrow. Glad you got your 360 back but the 3rd time is the charm.

  7. JOBNUMBER says:

    Awesome video… I think every update should come with a video neatly wrapped in an all in one sexy package so that everyone can enjoy it’s excellence.

  8. Fobulaos says:

    ahhh that shit was funny… good stuff

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