Bidets Are (For) The Shit!

This is miltownkid reporting from Tokyo.

The hotel room I’m at has a bidet, so I thought I’d finally give them a try. These things are HEAVEN! Your anus is blasted with a light spray of warm water that hygenizes and stimulizes your bum like it likely has never been before (likely that is…)

My future house WILL have one of these things.


I’m sure I’ll eventually have more to say about this place than the cool ass ass cleaners. For now, some “random” photos.

I Wish I Was Far-Sighted

Pedro is slightly far-sighted and it makes his eyes appear bigger. I wish I was REALLY far sighted. That’d be so cool. Maybe one day I could get some REALLY strong contacts that would make me far sighted, then get glasses to correct the vision. SO FRESH!


Cake Rape

The now defunct poster Sinclair had a birthday last week and then was promptly raped by a cake (as things should be in a fair and balanced universe.) Also, for added icing on the de-iced rape cake, he was recently promoted to a BJJ blue belt. Something that even made Mr. “life is just a bowl of lemons” Sinclair sinisterly giggle with glee.

A guy with cake on his face

You Can’t Triangle a Black Belt

What is this guy thinking trying to triangle a black belt? This was from my weekend trip to Gaoxiong (in the south of Taiwan) where Pedro (Schmall) conducted a BJJ seminar for the guys (and surprisingly gals) down there. Even though he was a little drained from being sick earlier in the week, he rolled with everyone on the last day.

A BJJ Black Belt Avoiding a Triangle

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6 Responses to Bidets Are (For) The Shit!

  1. James Lick says:

    We’ve got one of those all in one bidet/toilet things in the master bedroom of our house. Just be sure you don’t hit the button with the lady on it unless you want your balls rinsed.

    Honestly though, I don’t really care for the bidet function, but it also has a heated seat which is *great* in the winter.

  2. Chris Wells says:

    I also am a huge bidet fan. In fact when planning holiday accomodation, it is a big plus when a bidet is included. There is just nothing better than feeling “fresh” without having to hop in the shower post bowel movement.

    Welcome to the club!

  3. Chris Wells says:

    PS. Thanks for not including a picture of yourself on one!

  4. miltownmom says:

    About time the world hears from you! Never tried a bidet, but I have read about them. Nice peeps–but are you sure you want to be far sighted? Be careful what you ask for.

  5. Pyro says:

    I’ve never tried a bidet. I’ve heard someone say it feels slightly like an enema, except externally. O_o

    Hopefully, I’ll give one a try soon. Who doesn’t want their ass blasted with warm water?! =P

  6. The Rock says:

    Congrats on all you’re doing, sounds like you’re leading a pretty full life. Love hearing about people doing their own thing and not being afraid of what’s considered “the norm.”

    Happy bidet to me.


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