I’m an Entrepreneur!

It all kind of snook up on me. I mean… it didn’t because I have been totally planning this for like… forever, but I didn’t really notice what was going on until a couple days ago. This month and next month (and possibly many months or years on) I will be answering only to myself. I’m eating, playing and paying the bills with money that I’ve collected from something I put together. It’s a REALLY nice feeling.

Things have been a little crazy, and it hasn’t all been peaches and cream, but I like this life MUCH better than the “9-5” style work, even if the pay isn’t as good (although it looks like it’ll be even better for these 2 months as my 9-5 is usually more like a 9-11:43 😉 .)

I flipped through my notebook this morning to look at what I had been writing in it over the past few months and it was kind of freaky. Things I wrote just a few months ago as a dream/want are a reality now. I think I might even take some snap shots of the stuff I wrote and compare it to what’s going on now (for fun perhaps.)

Anyhoo… Here are some select photos of what has been going on over the past week. These pictures pretty much represent what “work” has meant for me over the past week. This week I’ll be decreasing the pleasure and increasing the “business” though (the business is practicing harder, which is in fact a pleasure 😀 .)

Pedro vs. 101

Pedro vs. 101

Pedro and I took a trip over to the 101 area to see the sites, get some food and that whole thing.

Taiwan BJJ Group Photo

Taiwan BJJ Group Photo

Here’s a group shot from class last Friday night.

Class Time at Taiwan BJJ

Class Time at Taiwan BJJ

Here are some guys (and gal) warming up for class.

Social Time at Taiwan BJJ

Social Time at Taiwan BJJ

Mr. Vaughn Anderson decided to organize a little get together to drink some beer and watch some fighting. A good time.

Chillin’ in Yonghe

Chillin' in Yonghe

I met a cool dude last week that lives right around the corner from my pad. Snakes + Beer = Good Times.

Snake Style

Beer and Snake

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5 Responses to I’m an Entrepreneur!

  1. miltownmom says:

    Looks like fun. You know what Miltown Mom has to say–don’t have too much fun with the beer–you know you don’t need it to have fun!

  2. Sinclair says:


  3. Ian Dawg says:

    that Taipei 101 shot needs some color correction.
    You also need to find me an action fighting photo to mess with.

  4. Pyro says:


    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    You look hammered as shit in that last pic. Haha, good times.

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