Quick Update From Thailand

I won 2 golds today. My weight and the open. I’ll write about the matches more later perhaps, right now I’m tired and am about to go get massage (a real one sickos 😉 .)

I also got to meet Pedro today, the black belt that’s coming to Taiwan next month. After everything was done, he wanted to roll a bit, so I suited up and rolled with him (that =ed me getting choked out twice.) I also watched him roll with a brown belt (which =ed a brown belt getting choked out twice.) That was really fun. He style was slow and controlled (as a black belt’s should be I suppose.) Now my record for rolling with black belts is 0-8 😀 .

After rolling with Pedro, him, wife and I walked to a big mall for a bite to eat. I talked with him the whole walk there and while we ate. He’s a really cool laid back dude. I’m looking forward to him getting over to Taiwan. (Note: Pedro’s Blog is the Learn BJJ blog listed on the side.)

OK, time for the massge. PEACE!!

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3 Responses to Quick Update From Thailand

  1. Sinclair says:

    2 more golds tommorrow

  2. miltownmom says:

    Congratulations on the gold medals. Glad to hear you were humbled by the black belt. That keeps you with proper perspective.

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