One of Those “Busy” Weeks

Actually, most of my weeks are busy weeks, but this one had me running around a bit more than usual.

I figured out all my shit for applying to school this week. I’ll be trying to get a scholarship as well which be real nice. It’d last for the full 4 years and give me enough to live on so I can just focus on my studies. I’ll have sent off all of my applications and that sort of thing hopefully by next week.

Different Toys for a Different Land

It was last Friday, but I really got a kick out of this remote control beetle one of my students brought in for show-and-tell. Beetles are big shit among kids here. People have big ass pet beetles that you can catch in the mountains or buy. Kids are all into this beetle fighting arcade game now. It’s all about the beetle.

Beetle Bot

Beetle Bot

The Blue Hat Game (aka The Gay Cowboy Hat Game)

I had this idea to somehow make my cleaning hat get out of the house and see “the world.” What I thought I could do is give it to someone, take a picture with said person and they do the same (while sending me the photo results.)

Frostfox thought it’d be a good idea if it was the “Gay Cowboy Hat Game” and when the hat transfer went down, people would do some kind of crazy gay cowboy hat sex position (prefferably with clothing ON.) I think it’d be better leaving it more open ended and letting people make up whatever story they see fit, but whatever. I’ve heard this kind of thing has been done with T-Shirts and books or something. Sounds cool and I think I’ll give it a go. I did get one nice photo in last night at the Happy Hour.

Pimp Shit

Lazer Tag in Taiwan

I’ll have to get some video of me running around in the place, but Taiwan has Lazer Tag now. I gave it a test run yesterday and it’s some good shit. The map is quite simple, but it’s still oodles of fun. I was actually quite worn out. I’ll organize a trip of dudes (and even dudettes) so we can get some 4 team death match shit poppin’.

Here’s the web address (a new site is coming soon I’ve been told.) []

Lazer Treks

Lazer Treks

The Beer Solution

I have this container of 1NT (almost 3 cents USD) coins that I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with.


I could just take it to the bank, but… I never go to the bank, and it feels like quite a mission over 30 bucks or so (perhaps more, but whatever.) Well, earlier this week I had the ingenius idea of using that thing for any and all beer and snack expeditures when around the house and having a taste for the good stuff. I normally don’t drink at home (because I… I don’t know why), but now when I do I’ll raid this thing. I’m going to also keep track of how much comes out of it. I’ll post the toal when all done.

Beer and Snacks

Other Stuffs

I finally recorded something I’m going to put up online. It’s from the kindergarten and Pyro gets the shout out he requested. I think I’ll be able to throw that together tomorrow. I’ll also try to get my money stuff for last month up tomorrow. My busy week kept me from sitting down to do that. I picked up some more tips for money tracking and stuff that I’m real happy about.

Tonight I’m going to see that movie 300. I here it’s the pimp shit.

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2 Responses to One of Those “Busy” Weeks

  1. miltownmom says:

    Good to know you’re still alive. The remote control beetle looks like just the kind of toy you would have had to have. Maybe it would last longer than all those broken remote control cars did.

  2. Pyro says:

    A shout out? For me? Oh, you’re too kind. 😀

    Looks like you’ve been quite a busy bee lately. That laser tag looks like some fun shit.

    I wish I had a beetle like that when I was a kid.

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