I wonder how long this phenomenon has gone on. When doing anything that mimics taking a basketball shot, do you shout “Jordan!” (or Kobe! or whatever it is now)? And I wonder if something similar exists for other sports. I know Dave Chappelle did a skit about this that was pretty funny.

I wonder what other cultures do for their sports. I bet yelling Jordar! is like yelling HAI-YA! when doing fake karate stuff. It like puts you in the “zone” for when you’re doing the action. It only seems to be applicable to things that are quick bursts. I was trying to picture something silly like a preacher going “Jesus!” but it wouldn’t work during a sermon. Maybe someone could yell that while dunking heads in the water baptism style or something.

Anyway, all this randomness came about because I took a shot from across my classroom this morning with a balled up piece of paper, yelled “Jordan!” and made the shot. The kids were impressed.



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3 Responses to JORDAN!

  1. Pyro says:

    Ohohoh. Left handed. Impressive.

  2. Ian DIZAWG says:

    Lol- yeah thats a funny skit on chapelle.

  3. J says:

    Most of the kids in miltown just talk trash, dats a jumper, so pretty, u can’t hold me etc… nothing much has changed that I have noticed.

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