18 Holes in Taiwan

I was lucky enough to be invited to play a round of golf a couple weeks back and I went out today. The only golfing I did before this was a bit at ranges here and the US, a 3 par course next to Lake Michigan and one round of 9 holes on a public course back in the Mil Town.

The golf scene here is definitely for PIMPS only. The lack of space makes golfing here only available to the higher class (or being friends with friends of such 😉 .) A buddy who goes by the name of Hobbes on Forumosa.com got hooked up with some coupons and extended his discount wealth to me because he remembered me posting about golf on the above mentioned website.

The club house was very nice. Big, open, HDTV in one corner (you can see it in the first picture), jade antiques in the other. The whole place was carpeted, the locker rooms had these fancy digital locks. It was all very nice. We also had caddies the whole way that drove us around, helped find the lines for putting and kept my balls clean… (heh.)

I was happy to experience this side of Taiwan. I think it’s something a tad hidden from the average foreign English “here today gone tomorrow” teacher that likes to complain about how muck it sucks living here (and they’re mostly right, it can suck without $$, guanxi, or mojo.)

I took a quick look at my score card and the best I did was double-boogie a few holes, which isn’t too bad considering I haven’t even been to a driving range in over a year (if not two.) I also included all shots (so it’s not a boogie that was tainted with “do-overs.”) I didn’t take my camera out much, but check these shots out.

I did all kinds of crazy stuff during the Chinese New Year Break. Made it to Taizhong (dranks lots of beer), stayed out late dancing (and drinking beer) twice, made it to Wulai (had just one beer, and it was good), played video games, played my new board game (I’ll post about it, it’s the hot shit), got a roommate, all kinds of shiznit.

I’ll write a bit about all that tomorrow and throw up some more photos.

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2 Responses to 18 Holes in Taiwan

  1. miltownmom says:

    Another Tiger Woods?

  2. Pyro says:

    Watch out! Watch out! Pimp on the driving range!

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