English Taught Degree Programs in Taiwan

I hadn’t really given the idea of going to school in Taiwan much thought after I decided that I wasn’t interested in taking classes in Mandarin. The idea was alluring at first because it would have been somewhat “elite”, but after thinking about it for a bit, the added stress of doing a degree in a second language wouldn’t be worth how much I could brag about it.

Thanks to a chance meeting of a new friend I found out NCCU offers an undergratuate degree in economics taught in English. I was very pleased to find out about this. Also, the (regular) admission period for fall of 2007 is March 1st til April 30th, so if I beat feet I can be a student this year.

I thought I’d write a quick blurb about this in case the information would help anyone else out. I also found a PDF from the Study in Taiwan.org website that has a gaggle of Taiwan info on colleges and consulates. I’d recommend downloading it and keeping it for a rainy day. (Taiwan Programs Taught in English PDF)

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1 Response to English Taught Degree Programs in Taiwan

  1. Will says:

    You should look into American University. Its an university that is known to teach english based degrees in foreign countries like Germany, lebanon, etc.

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