That’s How It Starts…

That’s how it starts is a phrase I like to use from time to time. I’m sure it’s been around since the birth of cheese, but I got it from the movie “Training Day.” Alonzo is busting some crack head and says something like “They’ll bend you over in prison” crack head snaps back “Suck my dick bitch,” Alonzo retorts with a light chuckle “That’s how it starts.”

So this kid tries to pull a fast one on me today in class. It actually fooled my co-teacher. Basically, I told all the kids to have their parents sign their books after they’ve done the homework. If they did that, they would have gotten a stamp (4 stamps = 1 sticker WOO HOO! This was in place before I started.) All the kids did as instructed… all but one.

That's How It Starts

Although childish, innocent and fuuny, the first thing that popped to mind was “That’s how it starts.” 😀 Oh, I’m subbing back at my old kindergarten for a few weeks.

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2 Responses to That’s How It Starts…

  1. miltownmom says:

    That’s how what starts? You never did that, did you. I saw where you practiced writing my name, and you tried to to a better job than that.

    That really cracked me up!!

  2. Pyro says:

    What a gangster little kid. Haha. =P

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