Mordeth13 Suspended from Youtube (An Interesting Web Phenomenon)

Edit: Mordeth is postinghis videos on, in case it wasn’t clear in the post. [Mordeth13’s Livevideo page]

OK, this is going to take some back story. First off, who is Mordeth13? Well, he’s a guy with a big bike (motorcycle) living in Taiwan and making movies for the Youtube crowd. He has even developed quite a following on Youtube. I believe this video here is one of his more popular ones (it certainly makes me laugh.)

Girlfriend CRASHES my new CAR

This video is actually a break away from the usual Mordeth fair. His Youtubing “niche” has been a Vlog (video.. blog?) with him zooming around Taiwan on his NINJA talking to himself about deep topics like the weather and such.

I don’t know the whole story (maybe I’ll go track it down from the man himself) but something happened where a company was going to give him a camera (sponsorship style), they didn’t, he called them a bunch of dick heads or something, and then Youtube suspended his account.

The Multiple Levels of Suck

Now this sucks for many reasons. It sucks for the fans of Mordeth13 that want to see his old and new footage. It sucks for Mordeth, because they basically took away a part of his life (I’m guessing.) Imagine being a person who couldn’t go without their cellphone, and then having it abruptly taken away. It sucks for Youtube, because now they’re going to get a bunch of people talking about how they suck for taking away Mordeth’s account. And I’m sure it must suck for the company that was going to give him the camera and then didn’t.

I sincerely hope that this all gets resolved in a fair and just manner. Sorry’s are said, hugs are given and all that.

[Here’s a link to a page with comments and a video plea to bring M13 back]

Youtube videos haven’t been working for me for the past 1.5 months anyway. I’ve been meaning to find a new home if I can’t figure out why Youtube won’t play at my house. 😛

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7 Responses to Mordeth13 Suspended from Youtube (An Interesting Web Phenomenon)

  1. miltownmom says:

    Do you think maybe he got banned for mysogony? Now that would be a reason to ban him 🙂

  2. Tetsuo says:

    All that said, Mordeth does have a tendency to be a gigantic toolbox on occasions, so odds are good he probably finally pushed someone a little too far.

  3. Pyro says:

    Who wouldn’t do the same? I know I would.

  4. Geg says:

    I think it’s a damn shame. His videos are cool he seems like a great guy. Totally undeserved to delete all his videos. Where’s he posting at now? And doesn’t he have a blog? Someone post a link please !

  5. miltownkid says:

    He’s posting them on [Click Here]

  6. PeterD says:

    That sucks.

    Mordeth had posted some very interesting videos of Sean rescuing wounded stray dogs. These videos got a lot of viewers, many of whom then visited

    I guess that source of visitors is gone now. I wonder if there will be a flood of people vindictively getting YouTube to shut down various posters. It seems Google buying YouTube wasn’t such a good thing. Well, Web2ers can be a fickle crowd, so I reckon if YouTube does this very much, there will be a mass exodus to another site that is “friendlier” toward the ideals of free speech.

    Personally, I think YouTube should allow anything except hate propaganda, which would include some forms of porn. All else should be fair game.

    Stupid YouTube!

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