Finding My Calling

I’ve been “blessed” with the ability to learn and do just about anything I put my mind to. I put blessed in quotation marks because it’s essentially made it difficult for me to focus on any one thing long enough to… make a career out of it I suppose.

In the past the closest I could come up with as far a career direction was “a job in computers.” I guess that would boil down to something is IS/IT (I guess.) But those fields are very broad and I never found any one thing in them that “spoke” to me. I like knowing a bit about everything when it comes to computers and technology.

My mom once told me I might make a good actuary, so I spent a bunch of time researching that job. It did and does seem like something I could really enjoy. Nerding out with numbers all day long. The thing about that job is I have a feeling that although it would be mentally stimulating/challenging, it probably wouldn’t be very fulfilling.

The last career choice I’ve ever “seriously” considered is being a physical therapist. That line of work would go right hand in hand with a lot of my hobbies and I’m sure it would be rewarding. The only down side is I’d have a lot of schooling in front of me before I could start working.

One of my gripes about school is that I thought (and think) it’s a waste of time. The reason I don’t/didn’t want to go to school “for computers” was because I thought I could teach myself that stuff (and I, for the most part, can.) Same goes for being an actuary or a physical therapist. Those kinds of jobs are pretty much just technical jobs. You don’t need to debate issues and the like. You just need to learn the material and perform well.

Something Worth Going to School to Study

I’ve recently felt a really strong pull to go to school for economics. I’m not yet sure if it’s the current flavor of the month, or something that will truly stick, but I’m finding myself reading more and more about it and becoming more and more intrigued (the deeper I go.) Economics also puts to use something I was naturally gifted at, math. I also did something that I’ve never done for any other discipline…

Last week, I surfed over to MIT’s OpenCourseWare website and downloaded some of the courses on economics. I’ve known about that place for a long time, but I’ve never been moved by anything enough to actually go download something. Reading through the course has also made me very interested in become a student of economics.

Ever the Entrepreneur

I still have 1001 ideas and business plans coming to me by the hour, but I figure I’m getting to the point where I better get focused on some sort of career. I would actually like a job. A really challenging job, that makes me think and think and think and think, and figure shit out. I suppose I come up with plans for business to make up for the lack of thought needed for most jobs.

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5 Responses to Finding My Calling

  1. miltownmom says:

    Sounds like you’re finally putting some serious thought into the direction of your life. You can get somewhere quicker if you know where you’re going and not just drifting with the trade winds.

  2. James Lick says:

    MIT OpenCourseware is cool and all but you can’t get an actual degree that way. I’ve looked into going ‘back to school’ for an economics degree as well but hadn’t seriously pursued it. There are a number of distance learning programs for Econ degrees, and places like University of Phoenix have Econ degrees with different emphasis such as Business Econ, etc. A pure Econ degree would probably doom you to a life in academia but a Biz Econ degree would be a good foundation for an MBA and could be really valuable. Anyway, if you are really interested in pursuing this, let’s get together some time and look at some of the online degree options.

  3. ghostdini says:

    It’s cool that you’re thinking of doing something ut thats something we all go through. At least for me, I can plenty things but for me its whats fulfilling (like you), thats why I stopped my pursuit(for now) for an IT degree/ certification.

  4. Luvbeers says:

    Why don’t you start an Xbox360 fansite for Taiwan? As far as I can tell there isn’t one according the the microsoft web structure:

    Other countries do and they seem quite successful:

    Then you can use all your talents… writing (game reviews), playing (new games), economics (selling advertising to MS and Taipei retail stores, IT (programming the website), can’t think of something for physical therapy other than you can start the first gym/gaming center.

  5. miltownkid says:

    Yeah, I was looking at online degrees too. We’ll have to investigate this further.

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