Google Reader – For Staying Up to Date

I used to use Bloglines to keep track of the blogs I read but I never really became “one” with using it. I never got accustomed to the way things were setup, and reading everyone’s blogs became somewhat of a chore at times. Well, my homedog Robonutz got me on the Google Reader tip and, like most things Google, it’s mighty fly.

I had heard about it in the past, but never bothered to check it out. Last week I moved all of my blogs from Bloglines to Google, and things couldn’t be better. I won’t get into all of the hows and whys, Google does a fine job of it themselves. I do recommend giving it a spin if you aren’t totally happy with your current RSS reader (especially if it’s a web based one.) If you’re currently not using one, check it out. I’d be happy to help any readers get it setup. You’ll probably be glad you did.

Google Reader Tour Pic

[A Quick Tour of Google Reader]

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7 Responses to Google Reader – For Staying Up to Date

  1. Jake says:

    One of my favorite features of Google Reader is the ability to keep shared feeds. It is neat to be able to keep up with what my friends are reading along with everything else.

    Also, I saw this post on my Google Blog Search feed for “Google Reader,” if you are wondering.

  2. miltownkid says:

    Yeah, I noticed that and I’ll probably hook up something in the side bar after I play with it a bit.

  3. Tetsuo says:

    I tried Google Reader when it was just launched, and it was utter shite. Then I tried it again a couple of months ago, and it is a sandwich made of RSS and win.

  4. miltownkid says:

    Yeah, I thought it tasted bad when I tried it a while back too.

  5. James Lick says:

    It’s a lot better than it was but it still doesn’t support authenticated feeds (e.g. livejournal friends-only posts) and strips out embedded youtube videos. I think I’ll stick with NewsGator.

  6. miltownkid says:

    DAMN! Google works fast! I was thinking about telling them about the Youtube thing, and BANG! Today, you too videos in the feeds.

  7. James Lick says:

    Now if they can just add authenticated feed support, then I’m sold.

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