The Responsible Alcoholic

I don’t have time rant about international free trade, unemployment, or any other economical misfortune that plagues the planet.  But I will today, because it’s relevant, mention the fact that I’m becoming more responsible with my alcohol consumption.

We all know that drinking and driving is "bad", but many people do it (I am/was on of the many.)  Well today I start drinking responsibly.  No more scootering to the bars.  Now I’m on the MRT, Taxi, bicycle, or will foot it.  If I do happen to scooter, I’ll be sure to leave it, or drink no more than "two."

That’s all for today.  The wife had her boss over, so I had to entertain and stuff.  First I played Xbox with the son, then the daughter came bye later looking all "I’m too old for this shit grouchy."  "The Terminal" is on and it’s cool watching them laugh at the funny parts.  I like how the humor crosses culture.

I’m minutes away from taxiing to a new and exciting drinking adventure 😀

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1 Response to The Responsible Alcoholic

  1. miltownmom says:

    The responsible alcoholic doesn’t stress his or her liver by over imbibing, either 🙂 Glad to hear your a responsible driver.

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