Doing Nothing With Nothing to Do

OK, I always have something to do, but now, for the most part, they’re little somethings (in my mind.) So little that they’re practically nothing. This past Saturday all I did was surf the net and play video games. I never even left the house. What’s so special about this? Nothing!

The special part is the fact that I had absolutely nothing on my mind, hanging over me. Usually playing video games is a “break” in between two somethings. I, for example, might tell myself “OK self, we can play video games for an hour or so, then we have to [Insert the bazillion things there usually are to do.]” I also didn’t make up something to do because I had nothing to do. That false busy. Any way, it was nice.

You Can Find Me at Game Club, Bottle Full of Bub…

Look hommie i got the time,if you need an English sub
I’m in there having fun I and eatin’ up some greasy grub,
So come to Game Club, if you’re into gettin’ drunk

OK, that was a rewrite of a 50 Cent song. Actually, I’ve heard the song before, but never seen the video. Also, I’ve never heard the clean version. The dirty version is:

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
Look mami i got the X ,if you into takin drugs
Im into havin sex i aint into makin love
So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed

I’ll get to Game Club right after this, but here’s the video:

I don’t know if I’ve written it here before, but I’m working on breathing new life into the Game Club. I’m going to be a regular there again (Sundays, 2PM(ish).) I had a really good time there yesterday. Since the usual “Game Master” wasn’t there, some of the staff asked me to teach a family how to play a game (of my choice.) That was the first experience I had teaching people I didn’t know how to play a game and it went really well. There were 2 adults (2 mothers) and 2 kids. All of them really got into the game and had a good time playing (I played with them as well.) The game I chose was Bohnanza (link to Boardgame geeks.)

Now I want to learn how to play more games well enough so I can present them to a new group of people quickly and entertainingly.

I’m at The Witch House every Sunday at 2 PM. If you want to come check out a game. I also play all games (Card, board, Chess, Go, etc.)

Game Club

Game Club


I’m going to share with you this term a friend and I came up with. The term is NO GAME. We’re not talking about board games anymore. Now we’re talking about… the pimp game (macking, scoring, going fishing, or whatever you may call it.) NO GAME is a fun term because it relates to 2 kinds of people.

Type A:

Type A seriously has NO GAME… none. This type of person tries to pick girls up (and tries hard), but can’t. Why not? A total complete lack of what we like to call… game. Hence NOGAME.

Type B:

Now Type Bs “suffer” from the same “problem.” What’s that problem you ask? The problem is not having any game. The difference with Type Bs is that there NOGAME IS there game. They game by not gaming. And that’s all the game they need.

Well, the other day I stumbled into a new term. Natural Game. Natural Game seems to some kind of mimicking of Type B NOGAME. But it’s more than just mimicking (I guess from what I gathered.). It’s supposed to be an internalization of skills that produce Tybe B NOGAME (Note: If you smell something, you know where this section is coming from :D.) I googled the term and saw… things that I didn’t know even the Intraweb could produce.

Here’s a link to get you “started.”

The Internet never ceases to amaze. The other funny thing that was pointed out to me was the fact that almost every new idea you have (even if you really did come up with it) quite likely has a million e-books written about it already.

Fuck, More Stuff

I guess need to blog more often…

Anyhoo here’s an example of the stuff I see on the walls while drunk.  It’s seems super deep after a few:

Writings on the Wall

Writings on the Wall

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4 Responses to Doing Nothing With Nothing to Do

  1. miltownmom says:

    Hmmmm…….I see all those 50 cent wanna be’s every day. Now I know where they get it and why I don’t watch rap videos.

    Another NOGAME: people who are happy with who they are and who they are with and don’t care about the games any more.

  2. miltownkid says:

    Indeed. Dave is like the Master of not having game. 😀

  3. bogroll says:

    I read that shit in the toilet and in my stupor misread is as-
    ”you will see the light if you look TO THE right”
    imagine my horror as I looked to the right and saw a urinal filled with puke!

  4. Frost says:

    I’m pretty sure that writing on the wall is a quote from a Grateful Dead song “Scarlet Begonias”. Re-done better by Sublime.

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