It’s a James Bond Kind of Year

I have to thank Bizzy for the title. I didn’t even notice it, but this year is (0)’07. How sweet is that? I think I’m going to sign and date all my shit ‘007.

The New Years party I hosted was a perfect combination of laid back, hypeness and PIMP! One friend brought his Nintendo Wii, a bunch of people brought beer, we bought a pizza and jammed out (beer+Wii style.) Even I was surprised at the Wii’s ability to hold even non-gamers attention. We pretty much played Wii for about 6 hours last night.

Some Party Goers

Mii Designing

Seeing Wii+Beer makes a person understand why it can be dangerous. I think we had at least 1 head “injury” that night (someone got rocked in the noggin.)

I’ve never been one to make New Year resolutions, but a funny sort of coicidence is the fact that my house is almost 100% cleaned and organized. My email Inbox is clean and clear. And I’m right on top of my “Next-Action” (a high-tech to-do) list. All right in time for the New Year. I might as well resolute to keeping it that way.

Hope everyone had a pimp New Year’s eve celebration and I hope you can be on some ‘007 shit this year.

More Random Thoughts

OK, the blog was suppose to end right above me there, you can stop reading now if you like.

Is it me, or is this a really WHACK! way to open a bag of chips?

Whack chip opening skills

I mean, that seems REALLY wrong for some reason.

Xbox 360 vs. Wii

I also wanted to say that last night was an excellent Xbox 360 vs. Wii moment.  The Wii totally OWNED the Xbox.  I mean, this isn’t saying a whole lot as far as true gamers go, but for the general public (mothers, brothers, sisters, grandmas, etc.) the Wii OWNS!  I could have thrown in GoW, but there’s no way non-gamers could have watch me (or anyone) play that for more than just a few minutes and not get bored.  Because the Wii makes you get up, swing the controller and jump around, it’s fun to watch people play it.

So Long Flickr

I met with the photographer again today and was showing her how cool the Gallery2 software is.  Then I was reminded how cool it is.  I’ve been going back and forth thinking about doing another year of flickr (for 25US) but decided I might as well do Gallery 2, because it’s cool, free and I’ll learn how to use another piece of useful software.

OK, PEACE OUT! and Happy New Year!

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1 Response to It’s a James Bond Kind of Year

  1. Alex says:

    ha ha

    That’s the way I open all my bags; peanuts, chips, etc…

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