What To Do When I Actually Get Things Done?

Well, I’ve been having a “strange” week. The strange thing about the week for me is that it hasn’t been strange. I usually walk around with this feeling… This feeling that I have something to sort out, or do right away, but I don’t. My email Inbox is totally cleaned and caught up. The area around my computer is getting progressively cleaner and cleaner (like magic or something.) The files on my computer are organized. My thoughts are neatly laid out in my notebook somewhere. What to do?

The only thing I can think up doing is coming up with more things to do, but I’m going to hold off on that for now. It’s not that I actually have everything done, but I’m right on top of everything. Even though it feels strange, I’m going to continue riding this thing. I’m going to ride it out until some of the more “major” to do items get completely crossed off (like applying for University.)

Ran Out of Happy Pills

I ran out of brain candy earlier in the week (actually, last week now that I think of it.) This could also be the cause of my “strange empty feeling” but I don’t think so (well, I believe it’s partly responsible.) I was exercising the thoughts of notfilling them, but I’m done with that and will be heading to the hospital directly after posting this to get more. I really don’t like taking the stuff, but my current situation isn’t the a good one to experiment with self unmedicating with mood altering drogas.

Drive Slow Hommie

Something else I’ve been experimenting with is… slow. Being slow with almost everything I can think of, driving being a good example. I’m usually zipping through the streets of Taipei “pedal to the metal” going about 80KPH or so. I’ve brought that cruising speed down to 50-60KPH. I’ve also slowed down my walking speed, cleaning, thinking and all that. What’s the rush eh?  As soon as it’s done/you’re there, there’s something else to do/somewhere else to go.

Free Lesbian Erotica

See, the beautiful thing about helping others is you learn new things, get positive vibes and find free lesbian erotica photo sites. 😀

I was doing some research for the stock photography website project I’m working on and came across a site that links to photography websites.  For some reason the first page that my eyeballs locked on to was Free Lesbian Erotica.

I thought I’d share my find. I suppose finding these sorts of pages is easy if you’re looking for them, but it’s always nice to bump into this:

Cowboy Girls Cowgirls
(DuFille.com – Free lesbian erotica)

On/By accident.  It’s actually one of those sites that links to a bunch of other sites to make money affiliate program style… but I aint mad at’em. 😀

Now I best hit it to the hospital.

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2 Responses to What To Do When I Actually Get Things Done?

  1. Bryce says:

    What kind of happy pills exactly? The slowing down thing is a great idea which i’ve done plenty of times but going fast makes me think i’m getting things done faster!

  2. miltownkid says:

    I take Depakine it pretty much just chills me out. I know exactly what you mean about going fast makes it seem like things are getting done faster, but it’s totally not the case.

    I’ve actually been getting a lot more done by slowing down. It’s… strange.

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