Getting Things Done (Again!)

Well, I’ve decided to go through the book "Getting Things Done" again.  And try to implement more aspects of it… again.  Actually, I got a lot out of it already, but it’s time to refine some of the things I learned the first time through.  What I did last Tuesday is move all the junk out of my "junk room":

My Junky Junk Room

and into my computer room:

Junky Computer Room

for sorting.

I’d take another picture of how it looks now, but it’s only slightly upgraded from last Tuesday :P.

Email Sorting

One thing I did "get done" was a mass sorting and organizing of my email.  This is something I tried implementing from the book the last time I read it, but I never really got the hang of it.  It looks like the second times a charm for me as it’s been working wonderfully since last Tuesday (and I get more than enough emails a day to test it.)  I’ll give a brief explination, because I think it’s pretty cool.

On the left hand side of Gmail I have these labels:

  • @Next Action
  • @Waiting
  • #Projects
  • #Reading/Maybe

Then, when I have astack of emails after a good night’s sleep I fly through them really quickly.  If it’s something I don’t want to do right that second it gets tagged waiting (and archived.)  If I email someone back and I’ll be waiting for a response I tag it waiting (then archive it so I don’t have to see it anymore.)  Projects I might get rid of because I don’t really use it.  Reading/Maybe is for things I don’t need to take care of right away, but I might want to act on or read through at a later date.

Using these labels religiously helps me stay on top of all my emails with a minimal amount of effort.  It’s really easy for me to let 1 (or 7) emails get lost in my inbox of doom if I don’t keep things tidy.  The @ and # make those items go to the top of my category list regardless of alphibetical order.

Marcus Gets Some, Then Gets Eaten

Well, that same Tuesday I did something that was very "unGetting Things Done" and bought a new Xbox 360 Game.  The game I picked up was "Viva Piñata."  It’s a pretty simple game.  You make a garden and attract Piñatas (they walk around like real animals.)  Then you make them make babies.  Plus you can name them so you can make stuff like this happen (Marcus, you know who you are :D.)

Viva Pinata Screen Shot

Marcus is that little worm with the heart over his head.  Later in the game Marcus got eaten by a Bird (I believe the bird was Pawn actually) so I reincarnated him as a Fox.  Now Marcus is the top of the food chain.

Video Game Retardation!

Along with refining the art of getting things done, I’ve been working on taking things slow as well.  I can really easily get into a mode where I’m rushing all the time.  Always in a rush.  But why?  What am I racing towards?  Even I don’t know.  So last week, along with getting things done, I took them easy.  Played a lot of video games.  Went to bed early.  Watched some guys tard out with the Wii.

and just generally chilled.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a Christmas video thrown together before it’s "too late."  I recorded the kids at my school practicing their Christmas play and parts of it are pretty funny.  My mind has gone blank.  I think that’s enough for today.

Have a merry Christmas!

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1 Response to Getting Things Done (Again!)

  1. joytoyz says:

    Hope it was a good year, with another great year coming up!

    All the best, emkid!

    Jolly Christmas!

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