Weekend Wrap Up

For some reason I haven’t gotten around to blogging. One of the reasons might have been me drinking like a sailor two days in a row. Another one of those reasons might have been me getting my Xbox 360 back.

Lets look at the first reason… alcohol.

(Un)fortunately for me the Forumosa.com Happy Hour landed on a Thursday and was located at Carnegies (a place where I’m forced to get my drink on.) I always drink Friday nights, so I was doomed to 2 days of slow brain. Drinking at Carnegies means all the girls turn super sexy (Super Sexy Girl’s out-of-date-but-soon-to-be-in-date-because-miltownkid-is-going-to-make-her-post blog):

Sexy Girl

and the guys turn into He-Man:

One arm push up

The happy hour was an all around good time. I enjoyed many a conversation with many a person. Getting home at 3 am with work the next day, didn’t make my Friday very easy. I think little kids can sense a hung over teacher and they beat him senselessly because they know he’s brain-slow and they can get away with it. An afternoon text message telling me my Xbox was ready to be picked up turned my frown upside down.

Friday night was the usual. Beer with S1ncla1r, Frosty Freeze, Tetsuo and a special guest (there’s always a special guest) Chris. I think the quote of the night was when his wife said “I didn’t know he was this nerdy when I married him.” 😀

I lazily enjoyed Saturday morning getting reacquainted with my 360. After that I was scheduled to attend a Christmas get together out in Taizhong hosted by a forumosan. That was a fun time. A PS1 with a copy of Tony Hawk (the first one) is always a good time, is it not?

Cleaning House

Today, I’ve been busting hump getting cleaning done that I’ve wanted to get done for months now (Sinclair can attest to this, he’s heard my record skip about it at least 5 times a week.) I’m in the middle of cleaning right now and thought I’d take a break. I took all the crap out of a spare room:

Junk in room

and moved it into my computer room:

Junk in a room

so I can process it easier. Now I’m getting back to work.

Since I’m getting so much done today, I think I’ll treat myself and waste Tuesday editing movies again 😀

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3 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up

  1. miltownmom says:

    You know what miltownmom has to say–WATCH THE DRINKING. Now I’ve got that off my chest, I’m glad to see you cleaning.

  2. Robonutz says:

    Helloooo D….
    Or am I?

  3. Ian Dawg says:

    If you start playing too much Xbox360 you can always send it to me – I will be happy to help take it off your hands! MUAHAHAHA!

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