My Xbox 360 Should Be Back This Week (Fight Cancelled)

From all the stuff that has been written on-line about Xbox 360 problems, I thought I’d be waiting weeks to get mine back. Everything actually went very smoothly…

Monday morning I called MS Xbox Tech Support. The agent I spoke with took care of things very quickly. He started to troubleshoot with me on the phone, but I told him I looked at the MS website and did all that already. Then he went straight to asking me for the serial number.

After I gave it to him he goes “Is this Casey?” I was like “What the fuck?!?” but then I remembered registering on-line. Not only did he know my name, but my address as well. After he confirmed everything he gave my a service number and an address to a service center. The service center happened to be less than 10 minutes from my house. Time to jump on the scooter.

Xbox and Scooter

When I got there the first time it was closed. So I went back home and decided to have a last meal kind of thing with my 360 and some friends.

Xbox 360 Last Meal

When I went back to the service center, there was a short line of old Chinese people bringing back Xbox 360s.

Service Line

OK, actually they were bringing back cellphones and stuff. Things were handled really quick. The service rep. asked me a few questions, then took my machine and told me I’d get it back in the mail in 3 to 5 days. I’m glad I got it in on Monday, that means I should have it back between tomorrow and Friday.

Things were handled in a very professional manner here in Taiwan. I have a feeling it’s because of this place being smaller AND being the land of consumer electronics. Oh, and I even got a courtesy email sent confirming the phone discussion I had.

Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Care. We have received your request for service. Please prepare your console and follow the instructions provided by our customer service department. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the next step in the process has begun.

Note: This is not a monitored e-mail address.

 謝謝您連絡 Xbox 客戶服務中心。我們已收到您的維修要求。一旦我們開始處理您的要求,會即刻以電子郵件通知您


Nice job Microsoft!

Note:  I spent all day making this silly ass movie detailing the above events.  I’ll have to sleep on it and decide if I should post it or not.  I got like no work done today.  I spent more time bitching/being sliiy about the loss of my 360 than I would have spent actually playing it if it was here :P.

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3 Responses to My Xbox 360 Should Be Back This Week (Fight Cancelled)

  1. miltownkid says:

    I just got this in the mail today:

    We have received your Xbox at our service center. It is our priority to process your Xbox in a timely manner and to get it back to you as good as new. We will contact you as soon as we are finished so you can get ready to get back into the game!

  2. Hasan says:

    So did they send ur unit back? how is it now :)?

  3. miltownkid says:

    Yeah, it’s all hooked back up now and good to go. Today’s post (12/29) has a video in it.

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