A Slight Case of Scatterbrainedness

I’m finally recovering from a slight case of what I like to call scatterbrain. Basically, for the last few days my mind has been all over the place. I always have tons of thoughts, ideas and plans racing through my head, but I usually do a much better job of managing these then I have recently.

I’m sure what has thrown me off track is a break in my routine which started last Thursday as I was making preparations to go to the Philippines. Things that I like to do on a daily basis (track money, write in my notebook, etc.) stopped and I haven’t gotten them fully jump started again yet. Then I always have the fact that I haven’t got those things going on my mind it starts to infiltrate other areas of my life. I’m putting an end to it all today and am going to try to keep better tabs on approaching scatterbrainedness in the future.

I’ve already written day 2 of my Philippines adventures, but it’s on my iBook, so I’ll post it when I get to work.

I stopped by the Electronics show currently going on at the World Trade Center. They had some cool stuff there. There was a row of Xbox360s with various games playing. Sony had 4 Playstation 3’s setup with Ridge Racer eleventybillion (weeeeee!) And there were a lot of other booth setup by various vendors.

One thing I noticed, that I’ll point out below is the big difference between a sexy girl selling a product and a computer dork. Sexy Girl = big crowd, pictures taken, excitement. Computer Dork = lonely guy talking to himself.

Below see Sexy Girls vs. Computer Dorks.

Computer Dorks

Computer Dork

Computer Dork

Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls

AMD did it right 😀

Sexy Girls

Sexy Girl

Computer Dork + Sexy Girl

Computer Dork and Sexy Girl

Xbox Line Up

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4 Responses to A Slight Case of Scatterbrainedness

  1. miltownmom says:

    I’ve noticed that’s easy to happen when the routine gets upset. I’m very much a creature of habit. Hope you get back in the groove. I miss the posts. And where are those pictures of the fight?

  2. miltownkid says:

    I don’t have many fight pictures, but I’ll include the Philippines pictures and movies with the next post.

  3. FLueNT says:

    NFS Carbon is dope! It’s the best racing game out now.

  4. tash says:

    That AMD girl with short red hair (wig) is hot. One of my close friends (she came to your birthday party) is in charge of PR at AMD. Want me to hook you up?…. No, wait! You’re married, I forgot. Oops! So-reee, man!

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