My Birthday

So here is it.  My birthday.  I’ve always been one of those fellas that thought birthdays and holidays were stupid because they were pretty much just "regular" days, with personal attachments to them.  I guess I still think that’s what they are, but now I’m liking enjoying the "false" fun to be had on these "made up" days.

I guess I used to compare celebrating birthdays to buying expensive crap for no reason.  But it’s totally not the case.  They’re about having fun with friends.  So I guess I’ll start having birthday parties and stuff.  And wishing other people happy birthday.  I still think they’re pretty silly.  But, it’s pretty fun being silly.

So now I’m down with birthdays and birthday parties.  I think I might actually buy someone a present one of these days now (I usually don’t.)  Maybe better yet I’ll make them like an ash tray or something.  That’d be totally sweet!

Well here it is one in the afternoon and I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet.  I’m going to go have me a nice Mc Donalds Happy Meal.  Then come back and play some video games.  I have a new video for you guys.  This is one of my old tricks I’d do in school.  Enjoy!

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4 Responses to My Birthday

  1. miltownkid says:

    That freeze frame looks like I’m… uh… :S

  2. miltownmom says:

    Happy Birthday! What’s with the video? What did the ladies love? It wasn’t happening for me.

  3. Ian Dawg says:

    lol- its hard to see but I think i know wut ur doing- ur a weird d00d- haha!

  4. andres says:

    happy birthday!

    and yea, if anyone needs to have a reality show, it’s you! donald trump ain’t got shit on you!

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