A Slow Recovery from Two Weekends of Tournament Stress

I think my body will finally be caught up to where my mind wants to be after this weekend.  My work/play schedule doesn’t give me much free time during the week (you think play is free time?  Think again 😉 )  So I usually get a lot of my business work done on the weekends.  A monekywrench got thrown in that procedure, because the last two weekends I was competing and totally consumed doing such.

The week after the Taichi tournament left me totally weak.  I mean, I was drained.  I was drained right up until last weekend, when I then flew to Hong Kong to compete some more.  This competition left me bruised and batterd all last week (and now even.)

What happened was in one of the purple belt matches, I got my face squeezed so hard that blood came out.  Then the spots that got squeezed all hard turned into Canker sores (really big ones, one on top and one on the bottom.)  Plus I’ve had an eyeball ache all week (well, not now so much.)  Check it out!  It’s pretty cool!

The ol' red eye

Fusking Canker Sores!!!

I got the details for my birthday party smashed out yesterday.  It’s going to be at a club called Crystal.  There will be a cover charge.  There might be some strippers (still deciding on that one.)  There will be a bunch of girls dressed up as dominatrixes or something (last night was naughty nurses.)

I don’t have the place rented out exclusively for me or anything, but there’s a section of the club that will be for me and my birthday party comers.  The official event post will be stickied on the blog here with a new plugin I just found called Adhesive (I’ll see if I can get it to work tonight.)

All blog readers and everyone are invited! 😀

I’ll be emailing some invites as well, plus I’m working on a poster name invite list that I think will take me longer than a week to finish :P.  See the thread (My Birthday Bash)

If you come, please do approach and identify yourself 🙂

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