I’m Still Alive

I have a back log of posts in my head, but circumstance keeps preventing me from getting the opportunity to post them.  Ah well…  Here’s the lastest and greatest story.

I was all excited about posting something new and fresh yesterday, but on the train ride home I get a phone call from my wife.

Wife: Did you pay the electricity bill?
Me: … no
Wife: Then that explains why we don’t have power.  I thought you were going to pay it.
Me: I was… but… but, I didn’t.

On the bright side of complete darkness, I did get to bed early and I had a really relaxing morning without the distraction of the TV or computer.  I got a bunch of house work done.

On a lighter note, I picked up Gears of War from the local video game shop tonight.  I’ll give that a good once over this weekend.  It looks like it’s going to be a great multiplayer game.

I hope I have some good news about my birthday party bash to share with you all tomorrow.  You’re all invited if things go according to plan.  That’ll be next Sat.  Details coming soon…

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8 Responses to I’m Still Alive

  1. miltownmom says:

    Soooo……I guess you got the light bill paid. You’ve got to get things like that on your to do list. We’ll have a toast in your honor on your birthday, but won’t be able to make it.

  2. Ian Dawg says:

    Above you will see the adress of the new website I am working on- havent seen u on MSN so I figured I’d show u here.

    So u didnt pay ur electricity huh? My gf would have murdered me for something like that- haha!

  3. Sinclair says:

    Lord, that’s some nice design there, Ian.

  4. Prince Roy says:

    does that invite extend to people you’ve never even met?

  5. miltownkid says:

    Yes, it does. I’ll have the details up today!

  6. Tetsuo says:

    The Gears thing reminds me – you might want to ask a question or three about the Wii before you buy one. I tried talking to the Nintendo representatives here today and they proved to be as largely worthless as ever, but I did get two small bits of information from amidst the pile of shite they stacked upon my already sick brow – there’s still no official release date for the Taiwan edition, and if you get the Japanese or American versions, “Internet” – as she said (well, actually INTANETTO) – won’t work. I assume that means everything, from browsing through to the Virtual Console. If you want to try and get some actual useful information out of them yourself, I’d say give it a shot, but the old woman I ended up talking to barely new what hole to use for talking, although YMMV.

  7. miltownkid says:

    That’s some quality information. I was just thinking about the whole Wii situation and what the proper course of action will be. I’ll give a crack at getting some info tomorrow.

  8. Tetsuo says:

    I don’t know if Wally told you, but we found a means to purchase US Wiis here. With two games.

    For NT$16,000.


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