Welcome to the World of Blog Robonutz

My homeboy from the mean streets of Miltown, has finally joined the ranks.  I set him up with a website some time ago, but that didn’t go very far.  It ws just a static HTML site that almost never got updated.  I finally conviced him to get a blog by building one and posting a picture of a dog humping a cat (he got rid of that already, see my old post about it for the pic.)

You can see his blog by going to http://www.robonutz.com.  I can already tell it’s going to be good just from those first few posts.

I know I was going to do an update about the tournament, but I didn’t have the time to write the post I want to write.  I’m going to HK early tomorrow morning for a BJJ tournament so I’ll take time to do the write up on the plane and stuff.

On Tuesday this week I went to visit Mark (Mah Kuh.)  I posted about him once after I phone call I had with him (see that post here, there’s picture.)  Mark has suffered a serious head injury from a scooter accident which has left him in a hospital bed with limited control over his body.

After the visit, I realized that doing physical therapy is something that I really enjoy doing.  It’s what I originally went to school for (though I stopped after 1 year) and it’s what my passion has always surrounded (sports and all that.)  I’m going to try to make a weekly visit to see him and exercise the limbs he has some control over.

I’ll try my best to post the remaining footage of the Taiji competion before I start the BJJ one.  I don’t want to have a backlog of stories and stuff to post :).

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1 Response to Welcome to the World of Blog Robonutz

  1. miltownmom says:

    Finally you had time to post. Maybe you’ll pick up that physical therapy thing again one day. Glad you’re going to visit your friend. It’s so easy to be forgotten when you’re lying in a hospital. Does he have insurance, or isn’t that an issue there?

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