Sony Offially Sucks Donkey Dong

I will now not buy a PS3 on principal, unless I somehow end up feeling justice after the wrong that has been done by Sony.  I understand that companies have to do some things that suck, because it’s just the nature of things (everything can’t be pleasing to everybody,) but a line has been crossed here.  Read on…

Important Notice: Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits, the popular gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has today announced that it is forced to close down due to multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sony claimed that Lik-Sang infringed its trade marks, copyright and registered design rights by selling Sony PSP consoles from Asia to European customers, and have recently obtained a judgment in the High Court of London (England) rendering Lik-Sang’s sales of PSP consoles unlawful.

Click here to continue article. was the place where I ordered US PS2 games because I couldn’t get them here in Asia.  I went about things the "right" way and actually bought my games, even though living it Asia makes it super easy to get your system modified to play copies.  The new Nintendo system comes out soon and I was going to buy an American version and then get American games from Lik-Sang.  Not anymore.

A comment from the article sums up my feelings nicely:

**Latest News From Sony**

We hate all gamers!

But please buy our over priced ps3

I think this was a really bad PR move on Sony’s part.  I hope this turns out to be a "joke."  If it isn’t I might never buy a Sony product again ever.  That’s an easy statement to make since their products have seem to been getting suckier and suckier lately.

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2 Responses to Sony Offially Sucks Donkey Dong

  1. miltownmom says:

    oh, if they come out with something you like, you’ll forget being mad….and if they don’t, you’ll forget being mad anyway 🙂

  2. Ian Dawg says:

    lol – i agree with ur mom.
    I will buy it if I like it, if it sucks, then I wont. I dont care what the company does- if they force u to buy illeagla copies then thats their own loss.

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