Lee Teng-hui (hway) and COSPLAY!

While doing research for my post yesterday I cam across a bit of information that readers interested in Taiwan might find… interesting.

I hosnestly don’t know much about the politics surrounding Mr. Dung but one has to love a shot like that.  I do know that he was hard ass of sorts, so it makes the shot all the funnier.  I’m sure that if he kept dressing like that he’d probably still be President (of THE PLANET!)  Click image to go to Wikipedia.

Note: Lee Teng-hui (wikipedia entry) was one of Taiwan’s former Presidents.


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4 Responses to Lee Teng-hui (hway) and COSPLAY!

  1. miltownmom says:

    So is this the old leader’s new look, or the old leader’s old look?

  2. miltownkid says:

    New look. From Wikipedia:

    He is also known for his post-retirement eccentric behavior, such as participating as a cosplay of Heihachi Edajima (江田島平八 Edajima Heihachi), a hawkish principal of a boarding school in the Japanese manga Sakigake!! Otokojuku (魁!!男塾) (Shonen Jump); this was used as an advertisement on his personal website and “school” (輝!李塾) beginning in late 2004.

    Though I’m sure this is something he was into for a long time.

  3. Ian Dawg says:

    This is a really cool picture. I read more about him on wikipedia too- now I am smart! WOO!

  4. Tetsuo says:

    Dude I’m sure I remember a storm being kicked up about that exact photo last year….

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