The iGallop is Foreigner Friendly

The iGallop is this mock horse riding machine.  It looks pretty damn stupid to me, but what do I know.  I saw one after BJJ yesterday and had some of the guys test ride it.  PEEP GAME NIGGA (by clicking the image below)!!!

The iGallop


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3 Responses to The iGallop is Foreigner Friendly

  1. James Lick says:

    I’d rather ride 小S. Giddyap.

  2. Dookie Braids says:

    Looks like a vibrator for an elephant. Or maybe one of those women you see on Jerry Springer’s “knock down my wall so you can get me out of my house” episodes. Game peeped.

    – MC Dookie Braids
    (AKA The Other Other White Meat)

  3. Ian Dawg says:

    Yeah.. it seems really perverted…
    I think it should not be shown in the window that way- should be in the back of the store with the porn…

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