Barefoot Running, Lemons 2 Lemonade and Miscellaneous

I discovered a newer, faster and better shoe yesterday. I call it the noshoe. Running barefoot is really fun. You more aware of what’s going on while running, it automatically corrects your running form (no sloppy running in the noshoe,) and it strengthens your calves and ankles (I could feel my 4 times sprained ankle getting stronger.) I highly recommend trying it out.  Googling

Lemons 2 Lemonade

After running around with Sinclair this afternoon, I came home and got on-line. After about 15 minutes of surfing, my connection starting fritzing, until finally it went totally out. That freaking adapter I bought 2 weeks ago blew. Instead of getting pissed, I did this…

I thought about what my next move should be. I wanted to do some stuff on-line, but it could wait (or I could have just plugged the cable directly into my PC :P.) I decided that I would use the time to get some things done that got put on hold all week. So I tided up my home office, and organized some stuff on my iBook. After that I went to Taipei Main Station to get a new adapter and trade in the old one.

After I parked I found a vegetarian buffet to have dinner at. I don’t eat at those places much, but I’m going to change that (I went through a pile of receipts today and saw far too many, Mc D’s and MOSes.) I was happy to find out the D-Link store had an original one for me this time. I picked that up and made my way to another store to exchange the old one.

When I told them it was broke and I wanted something else, they first asked me when I bought it. I said October 3rd (I had it in my money tracking notes.) They looked up the purchase and let me exchange it for a 512MB flash card (I needed a new one.) I had to pay a 14NT difference. Then I came home and thanked the Universe for hooking me up :).


About 2.5 years ago I bought a Toy Robbins books because it looked interesting. I didn’t have any book to read this week, so I decided to bust it open. It’s that book “Awaken the Giant Within.” Pretty good so far. It’s excellent at getting a person… HYPE! Oh, that’s probably half the reason for the million dollar ideas.

While out today I saw an iGallop. I got a nice video of some guys testing it. Youtube has some videos already, but most of them suck (except for this one.) I’ll fix that situation tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Barefoot Running, Lemons 2 Lemonade and Miscellaneous

  1. James Lick says:

    You gotta eat more Subway too. Way better for you than Ronald’s.

  2. miltownkid says:

    🙂 Good point. I did have some yesterday. I also noticed that there’s a Subway in Yonghe/Zhonghe now. A very nice location, right acrossthe street from YongAn Martket MRT station. Seems like one would do well here by Dingxi as well (I know I’d be a regular customer.)

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