Million Dollar Ideas from the MilliondollarKid

I’d like to add that I felt like a million bucks today too. I think the combination of not taking my meds and not having heartburn had me floating on clouds today. Streching this morning was good. Had a nice bowl of plain oatmeal and sugar and was off to work.

Million Dollar Idea #1: ROLLED UP SOCK!!!!


Rolled Up Sock

Rolled Up Sock

Rolled Up Sock

Rolled Up Sock

This is a device I developed as a streching assistant. There are a couple of streches that require a pillow to perform. Like I can be rolling to the park with one of my yellow couch pillows. ‘d get stabed by Taiwanese gansters for that. Not only does this device help with streching, but it saves lives as well. Anyhoo, I will market this product (rolled up sock) with the strech book and DVD set that I make.

Million Dollar Idea #2: Speed Gates for the MRT in Taiepei

Here’s a prototype I had in mind.

Speed Gates

Million Dollar Idea #3: NINJAS!!!

I could market ninjas EVERYWHERE, shirts… and uh… STUFFS!!!



Million Dollar Idea #4: English Language Board Game Classes

So I wrote up a proposal for an English Language Table Top Game class and did a demo run today in a higher level class and I razzle dazzled the bosses. They were like “DAMN! That ‘ish is PIMP! How the fuck can they play that ‘ish in English so fast?!?” and I was all like “Yall know how it is. A niggas got mad skillzlez.” SNAP!

Table Top Gaming

Million Dollar Idea #5: Pimpin’ and Hustlin’

Sheet dawg! Bill Gates made BILLIONS like this. Fo’ skrizzle. I’m now on a mission to open a Karate/Pimpdo Dojo where fools come come from miles around to learn the acient art of board breakin’ and pimp cane smackery.

It’s almost 1. My bed time.

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6 Responses to Million Dollar Ideas from the MilliondollarKid

  1. Casey, some of those ideas may actually be million dollar ideas . . . depending upon what kind of dollars that it . . . the game design thing is something I’ve done too . . . albeit for much older students. An efriend of mine (the sister of the creator of Magic: The Gathering) used my Greed games in her kid classes. I will often have students in the university create their own “English” games in a project too. See although some of the older links are dead until I fix the site (don’t hold your breath as I am wayyyyy busy with other things).

  2. dookie_braids says:

    you should pitch the pimpdojo idea to GZA and RZA. also Jay-Z, the ninjigga. and make your students call you A Pimp Named emKid. “no dammit! you got to say the whole thing!”

  3. yvonne says:

    I hope that you have been recovered from the heartburn.

  4. miltownmom says:

    Hmmmmm……, this post sounds like you’re off you meds 🙂 So many ideas.

    Aren’t you a little old to be using all this kid/pimp jargon. Didn’t your Enlish teachers teach you a broader vocabulary? Oh, that’s right, you went to the public school and learned the street smart vocabulary. Well, it’s served you well, but when the old farts read your posts, they think pimp has something to do with prostitution for some reason.

  5. miltownkid says:

    My boss is catching up. I’ve caught him throwing in a pimp or 2 in his day-to-day. I’m sure you’re up on all the new slang working where you work.

  6. miltownmom says:

    Not really. Our school is in to the girl crush on girl thing and the f#*@ is really big. They don’t use pimp too much. The girl thing must be a fad, or else we have more lesbians than the special school for the transgender, etc. kids.

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