Man I’m Tired

Uuuhhh… I’m sitting here all beat from a long active day today. Not sure what to write about. Oh, here’s something. I went to my secret ninja training center this morning to work on getting splits (yes, I want to do the splits again, it’s been an on going saga in my life.) Here’s a photo from 3 years ago.

Well, my usual lacation was full of people playing baseball, so that was no good. One thing was funny. I asked a coach (well, I assume that because of his weight :D) what time that got there every Saturday and he says “I don’t know, it’s different every time.” Then one of the players hits him and say “It’s different everytime for you! We get here at 8.”

While looking for a new spot to strech, I came across a cage of Pigeons (for racing I’m guessing.) I’ve been going to that park for like 3 years now and I never noticed it.

I did other stuff today, but… I’m too tired to get into it right now. Oh, I’ve also decided that for the next 2 months (while I’m sterching to get the splits) I’m going to go to sleep at 12 or earlier and be up a 7 or earlier. I need to strech religiously and supposidly I should be at or very near max flexibility after 2 months. I’m commited to finding out if this is true or not.

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