Getting Hypnotized

First off, welcome Ian to my list of Blogs there on the right. It looks like he’ll end up being foreigner assimilated to the Taiwan Isle.

So I went to a hypnosis show hosted by Brain Philips last night. I’ve been really interested in Hypnosis for a long time and was really happy to finally make it to a show. I’ll get right to it. Yes, I volunteered and yes I was hypnotized… or was I (dum dum duuuuuuum!) I’ll relate my experience for you all right here, but here’s a quick link to Wikipedia for the skeptics 😉 Hypnosis (Stage Application).

It was a small crowd, at the atmophere was pretty mellow (lights low, dark room, candle light… I like mellow.) They were going to start late, so I darted over to 7/11 for a sandwich and a tea egg. Shortly after I came back, he started the show and asked for volunteers. I emptied my pockets of my phone, loose change and keys and jumped on stage.

Now, before jumping on stage he did an example on everyone and explained that for it to work, you must follow his instructions and “open up” (I can’t remember the exact words.) My mind translated that into it being a game and I was just going to do what I do best… play.

So what happens is Brain would setup scenes for my mind to play with and my mind would make images of those scenes for me to play in. There were times when I was REALLY into whatever he was talking about. Almost totally zoned out. One of the times was during a bus ride and looking a people on the beach, who all of the sudden didn’t have any clothes, and then I got to pull my bi-noculars out for a closer look. I have a vivid memory of what I saw. I remember other times laughing so hard about… something. Like watching a prono, pornos are funny to me.

Anyway, it was a fun experience and I’ll be spending more time researching that whole thing. I talked with Brain for a bit after the session about how Hypnosis can be learned to learn other things. All and all a good time.

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4 Responses to Getting Hypnotized

  1. miltownmom says:

    Soooo……..were you just playing, or were you really hypnotized?

  2. miltownkid says:

    What’s the difference? That’s just the thing. I don’t think hypnosis works the way people are led to believe it works from movies and stuff. I’ve been doing a little online research and came across some cool sites. Did you read the Wikipedia link?

  3. Ian Dawg says:

    Thanks for mentioning me. You gotta let me make you some graphics in return for some help with code on blogger. All I want to do is subsitture their graphics for mine but I can’t find the image in the coding… DAMN CSS STUFF!

  4. Tetsuo says:

    > I don’t think hypnosis works the way people are led to believe it works from movies and stuff.

    It doesn’t. I was hell of into this in high school – even got therapeutic hypnosis once – and it doesn’t really make you “trance out” like in the movies. All it really does it put you in a state like when you’re just about to fall asleep – the same point where your brain starts interpreting shadows as monsters and flashing lights outside as UFOs, all that wacky stuff. At that point, your brain is kinda more flexible, more open to ideas, and easier to lead along. That’s also why you can’t be made to do anything under hypnosis you would never do in normal life – things you might be too embarrassed to do, maybe, but nothing you’d flat-out refuse – because you’re not being controlled, just guided. That’s also why you can’t hypnotize the drunk or retarded – they’re basically already there.

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