Handstand Pushups Are Free

I googled the word pushup this morning to see if it was one word or two and one of the top 10 was this site: “How to Do Handstand and Handstand Pushups Training.” Now people sell a lot of stuff online, and it’s cool (to me) that this guy found out a way to make money selling something he likes doing. Hey, I just noticed it’s by that Matt Furey guy. I think Sinclair was making fun of him or something not too long ago.

He’s charging $99US for his handstand pushups program, and I’m going to give you mine for free, right here, right now. But first I’d like to mention that even after a night of heavy drinking and having not prefromed a handstand pushup for maybe nearly a year, I was still able to do one just now (though I’m still seeing stars from it.)

I’m not going to tell you why handstands are cool. Check otu Matt’s site if you wanna get sold on that. Before you can do handstand pushups, you’ll have to learn how to do a hand stand.

Learning How to Do a Handstand

The scariest part about a handstand is the falling over on to your back (from a hand stand position.) So the first thing your going to do is rid yourself of that fear. The way I did it was by dragging an old matress into my mom’s living room and then going on to practice falling onto my back from the hand stand position. It’ll only take a few days to get over this fear.

The Hand Stand

Now that you’re not scared to fall on your back anymore it’s time to start practicing the handstand. Here are my tips (some from my old gymnastic coaches.) When going intot he handstand bend forward with both hands pointing toward the sky. As your hands go down, one leg comes up. The momentum from the one leg snaps the other leg up. Now, point your toes and keep your legs together.

Practice this infront of that matress in your moms living room. It’s funny when the whole house shakes from you falling onto your back.

The head can be positioned pointing down or up. It’s strange because down is easier, but it’s harder because you’re more inclined to fall onto your back in the beginning. Up is harder (the strain on your neck, plus misalignmnet,) but it’s easier because you’re looking forward and it keeps you from busting you chops (onto your back.)

Walking On Your Hands

Now that you’ve master the art of the motionless handstand, it’s time to add some movement. By this time you should be able to control the handstand enough to bring yourself back to you feet the way you left them when getting unstable (instead on to your back.) If you fall forward you have 2 options. One is to let your feet hit the floor with your back arched, the other is to do a forward roll.

You don’t notice it when you normally walk, but regular walking is really just controlled falling (watch a baby learning how to walk for a good example.) This is the key to handstand walking. Your arms won’t have the same strength as your legs, so the only way to move by first falling forward, then catching yourself (with one arm,) and falling and catching can falling…

Just totally clear out your moms living room and dining room to practice this one.

The Handstand Pushup

After successfully doing all of the above, the push is the easy part :D. First find a wall (your brother’s room should work out nicely.) Get into a handstand and try to slowly lower yourself down. You’ll know if you won’t be able to lower yourself all the way down in a controlled manner, bail out if you can’t. After a few days of this (a week maybe,) you’ll be able to lower yourself down no problem. After that, start bringing yourself back up. The first time you complete a down and up together you have successfully done a handstand pushup.

Convering it to a freestanding one means more dedication to getting a stable handstand and getting better muscle control.

I think I’ll make a movie to go along with this after I pick up my camera (from the fixin’ shop.)

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3 Responses to Handstand Pushups Are Free

  1. ghostdini says:

    You giving free workouts? How about hooking me up with a regiment to getting cut. I’ve hit the gym before, but I want to try some new shit.

  2. miltownmom says:

    What old mattress was that? Hmm…wonder where Mom was when you were doing this. Probably at school 🙂

  3. miltownkid says:

    Dave was doing it to 😀

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