Beer Time! (Like Every Friday)

Every Friday I go drink beer at an undisclosed location in Taipei. That’s what I’m about to go do now, so I don’t have time to write much of anything today. That’s OK though because I have my fist ever podcast… sort of.

I did make this thing once. My first rapping attempt. I did the everything in this sound, all in one take even (it was 2 one takes, one for the rhyme and one for the beats.)

[First Rap Attempt]

I did that one and the upcoming one both with [Audacity], it’s a pretty cool free program. Now this next one is longer… If you’re not into Wu-Tang I’d recommend not listening to more than just a minute or so… Acutally, maybe if you are into Wu-Tang you better only listen to a few seconds. I wonder if I broke some copyright shit by rapping the late great ODB’s stuff. Ah well, here it be. Oh, it might get loud too, just a warning. I’d tell you who I used to upload the podcast, but they’ll throw an ad up in there if you really want to know. Thought I’d try it to see what it was all about.

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1 Response to Beer Time! (Like Every Friday)

  1. ghostdini says:

    That shit was banging 2 3000lbs. rhinos making offsprings, son.

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