Podcasting – Yes or No

So last night I did a “podcast” of sorts. What it actually turned into is me singing some Old Dirty Bastard, then looking up the correct lyrics, singing it again, and then singing a song I make up about Americans flying to the Middle East and raping it for oil. I’m not sure who would want to listen to it (other than me, I have like 5 times now :D) but it got me thinking on whether I should “podcast” or not.

I suppose I could try it and see what’ll happen.

I’m going to rant for a minute about this idea I have. Maybe then someone will be able to better point me to other people that have had it already and are doing it somewhere. The idea is for “Intentional Communities.”


I was just about to write that googling that term gave me stuff I wasn’t looking for, and that may have been the case when I last did… Anyhow, googling that term, still does come up with a lot of “hippyish” and “cultish” looking things. That bugged me the last time I looked it up. It may just look that way from the outside though. A good start besides google is http://www.ic.org/, which is dedicated to the topic at hand.

My idea is for a group of individuals to live together and share resources, but more high-tech than just being roomates. I think the best example I have is that a people who just graduated from college could move into the community, where the cost of shit was split between the folk there. They’d also share their different skills (maybe some practice law, others are computer dudes, etc.) and work together to get smarter (a nice librabry of all the pimp shit that should be read.) These guys could work together to come up with business ideas, etc. Build up a nest egg, then do whatever they wanted to do in 5-15 years. There would always be older dudes schoolin the newer dudes and things would cycle like that.

I think I do a better job explaining it in person πŸ˜›

That be all till next time…

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6 Responses to Podcasting – Yes or No

  1. Frost says:

    I have been asking to do a podcast with people for a long time now. We can make an awesome one, thats both insightful and funny. You play your role are the philosopher and I play my role as the angry pissed off guy. Comedy gold!!! Let me know.

  2. miltownkid says:

    LOL πŸ˜€

    That does sound like comedy gold.

  3. miltownmom says:

    Intentional Communities pre-dates the Civil War according to Louise. I’ll pick her brain and see what she knows. I read your blog to her. I had to do a little translating. She thought “pimp” meant something other than the meaning you intended πŸ™‚

  4. miltownkid says:

    What did it get translated into I wonder… How’s Louise doing by-the-way?

  5. ghostdini says:

    snaptastic, idea with the podcast. As for what you described, it seemed that you’re asking for the creation of a communial community. It sounds nice and all, but many factors play in that prevent such things as existing like the human factor that humans need recognition. We can be here all day with this jazz. Keep pampin, pimpin.

  6. Ian says:

    First you are talking about ODB and then some communist college pimps? I am amused yet confused.

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