One Year of My Money or My Life

I was flipping through my journal/diary this morning and noticed that it was a year ago today that I made my first attempt at following the steps from the book “Your Money or Your Life.” One of the first steps is finding out what your net worth is, so it was a list of all the items I own, money I had and liabilities.

I gotta say it was a long and bumpy road to get myself to the point where I kept track of every single dollar that came in or went out. I started and stopped three different times before this last attempt, which will have gone on for 2 months straight after next week. The longest run I had before this was actaully over two months, but I didn’t have the system down like I do now (now it’s like clockwork.)

In a few days I’ll be posting the new totals for this last months. I’ve been considering starting a separate blog about getting Financially Independant. That would keep all of my blabbering about money and stuff somewhere separate, I think that’s a good idea, what do you think?

Yesterday I had (professional) photos of I-Ping’s restaurant taken for the website. That’s all coming along really smoothly and I’ll know if I’ve scored that project or not by next week (I’m pretty sure I will.)

Back to my “journal”… My journal isn’t/wasn’t much of a journal. Actually, it was more of a to-do list with dates and the occasional scribble of numbers. Over the last year there has only been one written entry. I made the second written entry today and have told myself that I will make a written entry everyday. Blogging is not equal to journaling (not for me anyway.) There are tons of stuff I’d write to myself, that I wouldn’t post here. Plus, the cool thing about a journal is that you can flip through it. Try doing that with a blog. I learned a lot about myself in the 10 minutes I spent flipping through that book.

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