Not Every Good Player Will Make A Good Coach

And not every good coach was a good player. I learned a ton of stuff about life from my soccer playing days and that quote is one of them. The super star players (of any sport) will sometime turn out to be the shittiest coaches, and sometimes the shittiest of players turn out being phenominal coaches.

I got to learn this first hand last Thursday. I got a phone call at work telling me I was going to have to teach BJJ that night. I had a vague idea of what I was going to cover and I thought things would go pretty smoothly.

The class, went OK, but I didn’t spend much time warming up, I bounced around between techniques (and forgot how to teach one I wanted to show) and ended up getting side coached by Sinclair to turn the mixed bag into something reasonable. I don’t think I did bad (it was my first time and I didn’t get much notice,) but I know I didn’t do good either. I did figure out what I need to fix for the next class I teach and I’ll make sure I have a good plan in mind before I get there.

The reason this quote applies to me is because I am a very good BJJ player (the best on this small island maybe?) but that doesn’t mean I’d be the best person to learn from. I’m going to work hard to become a better teacher, but right now there are plenty of people that would choke me out in terms of teaching.

I just added a recent comment thingy to the side. I like that 😀

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3 Responses to Not Every Good Player Will Make A Good Coach

  1. tash says:

    this whole story JUST SO you could tell us that you’re a great BJJer?! MAN, what a showoff!!! 😉

    what i wanna know is how does this apply to Swing dancing?

  2. miltownmom says:

    Think Coach Hanson.

  3. miltownkid says:

    Actually, it was Coach Hanson that I learned that from. I think I learned a bunch of cool things from Coach Hanson. It was also Coach Hanson that taught me that a good defense makes the best offense. People say stuff like that all the time, but I got to see it work when we would time and time again beat teams that were “better” than us.

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