Good One Universe

Right after I made my last post I got an email from my mom.

Subject: On the bills Subject

Speaking of bills, I opened a piece of your mail, and low and behold, it was your final notice from Sprint about a bill. They say you owe them $XX. They said this is a final notice before it goes to collections. The account # is XXX If you have any questions regarding this matter, Sprint Customer Solutions Specialists can be reached toll free at 1-888-788-5009 from 7am to 9pm CST.

There, that’s an example of the universe sending you a bill, right?

HA HA HA! Real funny Universe.

Actually, I think what the Universe does is more like tax than a bill. Yeah, that’s it. Universal Tax.

Speaking of tax, I’m going to be done reading this book on economics soon. When I’m done with it everyone that sees this blog is going to get snapped on. Why? Because everyone should take the time to learn basic economics. I think this should be taught in schools, not stuff like baking cakes.


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1 Response to Good One Universe

  1. miltownmom says:

    Here here to teaching economics in school. You got that right.

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