An American Was Viciously Attacked By 2 Canadians

I posted this over on Someone said I should just make it my blog entry for today. I’m sure mom will like it. If you want to see the whole thread [Click Here].

The universe even wrote my economic post for me today. 😀 A little back ground for those that don’t know, I live in Taiwan.

An American Was Viciously Attacked By 2 Canadians

That American was me and I was attacked after getting into a discussion about economics. Economics is constantly on my mind now, so it came up as the topic of discussion the other day while I was sitting down with two Canadians.It was all good at first. Russia got brought up and I was talking about how communism sucks and doesn’t work (economically.) They agreed and we exchanged examples and stories about communist Russia. One of them even told me about a political cartoon they saw that had a picture of huge HUGE nail with the guy saying something like “We’ve reached our goal for nail production comrade,” (a joke I would not have gotten before.)

Later on I mentioned how I thought capitalism ROCKED. I didn’t even get a chance to start describing how and why it rocked and they snapped on me.

“Capitalism keeps the rich way up here and the poor down here.”
“Oh, I suppose you think that war in Iraq is cool then huh?”
“blah blah blah”

I say, “I thought Canada was capitalist too?” they didn’t admit that it is (it is), and then they go off about Socialism and how it’s so cool.

Now I’m new to the economic/political game, but my reading (and my mental gymnastics) tell me that socialism is not cool, and doesn’t work. I’m going to go back and tell those 2 that when I get a chance.

I’ve been here for 4 years now and have never really questioned why (some) Canadians “player hate” on America (many do from my experience.) I’ve also never got into a discussion about politics with anyone before. Is this why Canadians “player hate” on America/ns?

I could have been a dick and told them they both need to go pick up a book an basic economics and come talk to me when they start making some sense, but didn’t. I’m looking forward to going back and crushing their view on socialism Laughing out loud...

The point is we were having a nice discussion until I mentioned capitalism. Then things got brutal. If they would have said “Dude, socialism ROCKS!” I would have been like “Really, why?” and then I would have listened to what they had to say. I probably would have learned something cool about socialism. If they would have did the same, they would have learned something cool about capitalism. Instead, I was brutally acttacked for having my point of view.

For you not so hip to the game, allow Wikipedia to help bring you up to speed:

Wikipedia Entry for Player hater wrote:
Player hating is a pop culture term originating among African American urban youth that describes someone’s obvious irritation with another’s success. A player-hater is a person who is jealous of what others have and is not shy about it.The term usually carries a sexual connotation with it, as in the player hater is jealous of the “player’s” “game”. It most likely originates from the phrase “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”, usually told by players to the hater in question.
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8 Responses to An American Was Viciously Attacked By 2 Canadians

  1. miltownmom says:

    Better do a little more reading before you start trumpeting capitalism. Both capitalism and socialism have their good points and their bad points. There is a South American culture that may have had the most equitable system, but it was obliterated by the Spainiards. Read up on more economic systems. This capitalist system we have in the United States is leaving more and more people out. Too many government handouts going to corporations.

  2. miltownkid says:

    I’ll be doing tons of reading on economic systems (eventually.) I don’t think a market economy is a good or bad thing, but it does seem to be the most efficient thing. The government needs to be there to keep things orderly, not giving free handouts to large corporations. Though this is something that seems to happen in all economic systems (government hooking up those that it shouldn’t be.)

  3. JOBNUMBER says:

    Dude, I’m not rich enough to be down with true capitolism… and I’m not poor enough to benefit from a true socialist society. In America, it’s not true capitolism that we work on anyways, there’s a little socialism, mixed with capitolism and so on and so forth. Like your mom said, socialism has good and bad points, and so does capitolism.

    And also, when people try and bring into account how Communism and Socialism failed in Soviet Russia, it was a combination of post war politics, and a movement into a totalitarian (dictatorship) government that wreaked havoc on the system. You can’t blame socialism or communism for it’s failure. The terms were perverted from their true meanings through this period, because people slapped “communist” or “socialist” in front of their “fascist” ideals and governments.

    How can an economy that is supposed to distribute wealth and welfare to the people through common ownership of production work, when the government wants all production geared primarily towards government ideals and not for the welfare of the people?

  4. miltownkid says:

    Actually, you can blame socialism and communism (economically.) They don’t work (for humans.) I don’t think things need to be fair for everyone. Being kept down is motivation to rise up for some. Besides, in the “1st” world many people’s lives kick the shit out of old jungle living (in many respects.) What I would like is a system (capitalist, socialist, “market socialist”) that is efficient at finding the “Einsteins” out there and putting them to work on the “greater good.” A system that recognizes the “bright minds” in schools and puts that scarce resource to use. We all want the same things (Black, White, Canadian, Asian, socialist, capitalist, etc.) but tend to disagree on what the best path to get there is. Most of the disagreement is on which path is because of a serious lack of information, or a too much misinformation.
    [/snappage] 🙂

  5. JOBNUMBER says:

    I’m not harping on capitolism, and saying that one system is better than the next… I’m all about the “Why put extra effort into something, if you don’t get extra benefit?” mindset. I’m a selfish individual. I’m a material girl like Madonna.

    But some people aren’t like me. Some people actually believe that overall welfare of the people is more important than self worth, fame and fortune. Do you believe that??? Crazy ain’t it?

    I think both systems must exist cooperatively, so that a person who works harder, earns more, and the people who need assistance get assistance. But there must also be a program that oversees, and assures that this system doesn’t get abused.

    People dumping company stock for personal gain, and killing off employee pensions, or people sitting on their asses doing nothing and collecting unemployment checks.

    Nothing works 100 percent, everything evolves, everything cycles. Will we ever find a perfect system that will work today??? Probably. But then we’re also gonna find a way to throw a monkey wrench into it not longg after.

  6. miltownkid says:

    Yeah, I figure I better just work whatever system that sits before me. I do what I can to make changes for the better for future generations, but I won’t get to see the new pimp economic ish that will evolve from centuries of MURDER DEATH KILL.

  7. You’ll have to clarify for me what you mean by ‘capitalism works’ and ‘communism doesn’t work’. There are loads of people who got rich under the state economies of Soviet colonialism. Almost all of them were officials in the party. On the other hand, the USA holds the dubious distinction of having more poverty than any major industrialized nation. There are urban regions of the USA where infant mortality is as high as in what is collectively referred to as the ‘Third World’.

    American capitalism creates avenues to wealth that appear predictable, controllable, and unrelated to politics. It does so at a huge price. A whole other kind of oppression has emerged in the USA that is only poorly understood. The ties between wealth creation and the poverty I referred to above. The ways in which resource extraction need to coupled with overseas political control. In fact, In fact, I doubt that the USA would be able to maintain its economic leadership if it didn’t have the biggest damn military ever imagined.

  8. miltownkid says:

    Capitalism works because it provides a motivation for people to do better (be more efficient.) Communism/Socialism does not.

    This statistic I hear about poverty all the time is garbage (I believe.) Poverty in the US has drastically changed over time. Poverty now includes having a TV, microwave, oven, etc. Poverty in the US is not so back. What really sucks is being “knowledge” poor.

    The suck part about “American capitalism” is the amount of pull big businesses have on the government. How big business manipulates the government essentially kills “free market,” and that’s the coolest part about capitalism.

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