Ego Trippin’

WARNING! – This post contains MAD ego. If images containing high amounts of ego offend you, do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

If you are not a player hater, read on. Don’t hate, congradulate!

I started working on a portfolio to be a model/actor (a different story) and ended up getting trapped into a gaze of my own photos. I turned on Picasa and went through all the photos I have on this computer. That was fun. I then went ahead and uploaded a bunch of ME ME ME shots to a new set.

You can see the whole set here: Ego Trippin’: The Flickr Set or you can take a look at a few hand picked ones.

The Good

Me Flexin'


The Bad

Big Tummy

Trippin' with Kermit

And the Ugly

What a Face!

Nice Hair Cut!

Check out the set for details of the pictures (click here for set). I left some details on all of them. The shot with me and my frog was RIGHT before…

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