I Do Have a Plan (New Look For Blog)

I’ve been meaning to upgrade the look of my blog and I finally got around to it today. While I was paging through blogs about Taiwan last week I came across fiLi’s world and I really like the way it looked. I sent fili an email to make sure he wouldn’t track me down and rip my guts out for stealing the theme he stole (OK, it’s actually not stealing, they’re there for everyone to use :).) He gave me a nice reply letting me know he’d be more than happy to answer any questions I have about this whole blogging thing.

If you have a word press blog and are looking for cool plugins to add to your site, I’d recommend taking a look at the list of plugin’s fili has on his. You’ll probably find a few you like.

Someone recently pointed out that the title of my old theme wasn’t very fitting because recent blog posts show that I actually do have a plan. I have several. That was a part of what I thought was funny about it, but I admit that it was getting old.

The story behind the old title is…

I was once arguing with my wife about something. I usually don’t do much talking when I argue, I just sit there. That just seems to make things worse and after being asked repeatedly what my plan was I calmly walked into the computer room, got some colored pencils, and wrote on the wall in big red crayon “I don’t have a plan.” People always ask me about it when they come over the first time and I always forget it’s there.

Frost saw it one day and a few days later whipped up this here header:

I Don't Have A Plan

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1 Response to I Do Have a Plan (New Look For Blog)

  1. fiLi says:

    Heh… I like your design 😉

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