Being Frugal – Reduce Spending, Increse Enjoyment/Value

It’s funny. I’ve always thought 1000NT ($30.50 US) wasn’t a lot of money. I’d just think to myself “There’s more where that came from.” Now that I’m concious about the coming from being me running around teaching English, I’m not so quick to let money slide out of my hands.

I’d like to share a couple of changes I’ve made between last month and this month based on what I learned from tracking my spending (see previous month’s details).

First off, I went out to eat breakfast a lot last month. Each time cost me about 80NT ($2.40 US), this month I’ve been eating oatmeal a lot, and that brings the number to under 30NT ($.91 US), plus I I’m eating better.

A second big cut I just finished doing this morning is my webhosting bill. I’ve moved through a few hosting over the years and most recently I ended up with a resell hosting package that was costing me $60US/month. I’ve known that this is too much for the resources I was using, but I kept letting it slide month after month. Not this month. Not only will I be collecting fees from people that owe me (which will be several hundread US dollars), I’ve cut the hosting cost down to $20US/month. A difference of $40US/month (that’s an extra $40 in the bank every month.) Now, when I move into a more expensive plan, it will be because I need the extra resources.

I’ll also be taking care of my cellphone bills. I actually have 2 cellphone numbers, one that I never. That’s just been money leaking out of me every month. Not only am I going to disconnect 1 number, I’ll have a cheaper rate plan (and make less phone calls.)

I’ve been eating lunch near work this past week, but I’m going to start preparing my own lunch from starting next week. Part 6 of “Your Money Or Your Life” is call “The American Dream on a Shoestring” and is full of tips like this.

Using only what I listed above is going to save me over 3000NT/month (about 100US/month.) And the funny part is I’m going to be eating better, wasting less time on phone calls, and now have my webhosting business more organized. I’m spending less and getting more! You can too! (Mom ;))

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