Reason #23 Why Not To Be An English Teacher

Everyone has a digital camera these days. That means anyone could be taping your silly ass dancing for the kiddies. It also means that DNPs (Digital Ninja Pimps) might also take the time to put said movie on their PDA so they can show kids they know. Then a movie might get made of those kids laughing at you, along with the movie of you doing said silly dance.

The chances of this happening are slight BUT… it could happen to YOU!

I had the last half of this video on my Palm and every time I saw these kids they’d be like “Show us that movie, you know the one like this *kids doing the teapot*

(click here for video)

Today was my first day at the new school and me liked it much. It’s the kind of teaching environmnet that’s suited for me. I can bring extra stuff into class when I think up something cool, or I can be a slack ass and be like “Read this page 8 million times. GO!” (I’d never do that of course though :D.)

I installed some new technorati tag thingy. Not sure what it’ll do but it’s suppose to be the pimpness.

[tag]Taiwan, English Teaching, kids, dance, teapot[/tag]

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