Pimp My Blog

First off, I’ve decided to not sell out my blog. I’m still going to keep posting regularly (because I’ve found out that I like it), but I won’t be trying to make any money from this blog. What I’ve decided to do instead is learn about all the little blogging tricks on this, my personal blog.

I did a few changes this morning. I removed the links to other pages/blogs from the side and will instead make a separate page with links to sites and blogs I like. That way I’ll be able to add pictures of friends and longer descriptions of the blog/site. I also added a contact form, some related post plugin (I’m sure how to work it yet) and an about me page.

I’ll also be trying to organize things a tad more. After I learn all these tips and tricks I will apply them to some other blog ideas I have (that will be for making money) and I’ll see how they turn out. Some of them are sex related, others are silly related, and others are silly sex.

One site I will recommend right now is [Problogger.net.] (Note: Site was down at time of posting) This dude has a whole bunch tips for the aspiring “Pro Blogger.” He also has also written his story detailing the transition from work dude to pro blogger dude. Peep it out.
All the pages listed on the side currently say coming soon. I think I’ll make a trip to a coffee shop to get something in them right now.

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2 Responses to Pimp My Blog

  1. fiLi says:

    Problogging is extremely difficult, especially at the beginning. Good luck to you on that, it’s a long journey…

  2. miltownkid says:

    Thanks! I’m sure I’ll need it. I suppose problogging means I live TOTALLY on blog income, and I suspect that will never be the case. I do want it to be one more decent sized stream of income.

    Let the journey begin…

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