Kart Pimpin’ with Mordeth and Co.

I spent the whole day out Go-Karting today. It was wicked fun. Not only did I get to ride karts, but I got to ride on Mordeth’s Ninja (and he made it do cool Ninja tricks.) Go-Karting was one of those things I can remember nagging my mom to take me to go do, but I never ended up in one. Finally (in the US) when the day came when I was old enough to go myself, I thought it kind of sucked. The karts were slow. Not fun at all. Those memories from the past were erased today.

I had to pick up a new pair of kicks, because I couldn’t wear my flip flops. I chose bling-bling white. Me wife said the shoes hurt her eyes.

Bling Bling

After the day at the tracks I went to see Monster House. A good movie that I’d recommend seeing if your the kind of person that likes going to the movies just to go. That little fat dude in the movie was pretty funny at times. Even got a few LOLs out of me. Before going to see Monster House, I did some charity modeling work at the 101.

Lets look at some pictures:

Me @ Karting


I made a Flickr Set that has a few more pictures of the Karts. (Click her for that)

I’m uploading a movie to revver with some Racing Kart action (those are the pimped out ones.) I’ll add that link here when it’s done.

(click here for movie)

Check out Mordeth’s YouTube Profile fer some video’s of driving through the mean streets of Taiwan on a Ninja.

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1 Response to Kart Pimpin’ with Mordeth and Co.

  1. miltownmom says:

    Gocarts in the US are geared lower I think. You know how safety minded people are, and they let all those little kids drive, so they had to be little kid safe. 🙂

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