Round 1… Fight!

I was going to rant about some situation with a friend but I guess that can wait for another day. I just had a nice time out with Elliot at a place called Escape. He’s currently trying to figure out his web skills with a website. You can see what he has produced so far here:

Afterwards we went to The Tavern to say hi to Michel (I gotta figure out the right spelling) and to drink a beer. When then talked about things like ODing on porn and the price of tea in China.

Anything else I was going to talk about has been totally washed out of my head. But here’s Round 1 (total 3) of a fight I was in last christmas. Know that the only kickboxing experience I had prior to the fight was Karate (as a kid.)

[Round one of Sanda]

Also, here’s that Kindy I subbed at this past Monday. I think it may be the biggest place I’ve seen.

[The Kindy]

I really want to get back to work on

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