Say Baby… What’s Your Blog?

I’m sure a line as cheesy as the title has been successfully on someone online. Well, I got my [bloglines] account setup again, so if I should be reading your blog, leave a comment letting me know it and I’ll add it to me list. I’m aslo going to clean up that side bar of blogs as well.

I’ve come up with a series of movies to make. I’ll call it 101 and one uses for a T-Shirt. I think it will be AWSOME! I think I’ll make the first video as soon as I’m done writing.

I had a long day today. Subbed for a friend in the morning, then hopped a train to Yingge, then came back to work at Joy in the evening, then BJJed (and choked people of course, I won’t name names :D.) I took a little movie of the kindergarten I was at as well. I’ll post that one too. It was a lot pimper than the schools I’ve been at (well, the looks were anyway, but beauties only skin deep as they say.)

Uh… Hmm… OK. So I shot “101 Uses for a T-Shirt #1” and I think it came out pretty good, except… well… Well use #1 was (is?) a how to guide for making a loincloth. I don’t know how big of a problem it is, but I strip in front of the camera and me tighties are a main feature (plus a little package jiggle Note: no skin :D.)

OK, looks like I have to jump straight to part 2 of the 100 and 1 part series. I think this test for angle shots says everything that needs to be said. I’ll have to think about part 1…

[Clicking here or on the image will take you to the video]


Edit: Youtube never got my video up, but Revver was fast this time. It’s up on Revver and viewable now.

It’s getting late. I’ll save the kindergarten video for another day. I best get to sleepin’


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